A Reader’s Town

 whilst traveling a particularly barren stretch of interstate between valdosta and macon, perusing the endless string of billboards for magnolia plantation and lover’s depot (which, sadly, is going of out business, so all adult reading material and dvd’s were on clearance-but no, we did not stop to shop) imagine my surprise to encounter a billboard which informed me i’ve been living in the wrong place my entire life.

apparently, the town of tifton, georgia, is the reading capital of the world, an honor achieved in the year 2000 by amassing over 2 million points in the  Accelerated Reader program, achieving increased library circulation, and reducing illiteracy rates.  the townspeople celebrated by holding a read-in the civic center, proceeding to earn themselves a guinness world record for the most people reading silently in one place.

i was extremely heartened to realize this country -nay, the world!-would recognize a small town for such accomplishments. 

it seemed to me that the reading capital of the world was the perfect place for a ravenous reader like myself to live.

alas, we traveled on, making our way ever northward toward our hometown in Michigan, which, in my opinion, should definitely aspire to achieve this noble distinction.


2 thoughts on “A Reader’s Town

  1. So “sad” that “Lover’s Depot” is going out of business (!)…I agree with you, every town, every city should aspire to be the reading capital of wherever they are. I sometimes worry that reading is a dying “art” and yet when I’m in a bookstore it gratifies me to see so many people…

  2. I am a proud resident of the Reading Capital of the World; in fact, my parents have been right at the center of the effort from the get-go. I amassed hundreds of AR points in my day, and I’m happy to see that kids and adults alike in Tifton are still busy discovering or rediscovering the joys of reading. You can check out the story online at http://www.readingcapital.com.

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