Where Do You Put Your Books?

“should i put your book in this suitcase?” my husband asked as we packed up to set out for the north.

“good heavens, no!” i cried.  “let me have it, i’ll put it in my purse.”

and so i grabbed the new paperback-a mystery, perfect entertainment for a long road trip and just right for easing myself to sleep in strange hotel rooms-and tucked it safely into my purse. 

why ever would i want to leave my book in the suitcase, i thought.  it needs to be near at hand, especially on a long journey, where it can be brought out at a moment’s notice to while away some time.  or where i can reach into my purse and wrap my palm around it’s stiff new pages, a forever friend waiting to keep me company.

i like to keep a book with me at all times, tucked into my bag, in the secret pouch of my car seat, in my music bag…after all, one never knows when you might be gifted with a quiet moment to read. 

i would never put my book in the suitcase. 


now tell me…where do you put your books?


2 thoughts on “Where Do You Put Your Books?

  1. Becca, you husband spoke as a “non-reader”!!! I would never pack my book in the suitcase!!!!! EVER!! I love to have one in the car when we travel, I take one in my purse when I’m on the commuter train…as you said, who knows when you will have a free moment to read!!!

    When I take youngest son to his school hockey games, there is a library attached to the community centre where the rink is…after I drop him and 2 of his friends off, I go in there to browse and read in the big bay windows while they prepare for the game and then go watch…taking 2 or 3 books with me that I’ve checked out!!!

  2. in my hand. years ago I used to be notorious for having a book in hand when attending boring family functions; after the smalltalk had died down and I was no longer part of the conversation, I would fade into a corner and read!

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