Bookstack 2007

being away from one’s home at the new year presents some difficulties, not least of which are the small end of year rituals one counts on participating in.  one such ritual for me involves leafing through the pages of my book journal, taking note of all the book’s i’ve read in the past twelve months.  when i returned home from my travels this evening,  i perused the list, noting as i did so a creeping sense of disappointment.  very few titles elicited that special inner smile of recognition which signifies remembrance of a lovely time shared.  and i recalled more than one period when each volume i took up simply failed to engage my interest, forcing me to set it aside with a deep sigh of regret. at the time, i worried whether my adoration for books could be on the wane. perhaps, after so many years of ravenous reading, i had read every story every written in some form or another, had read my fill so to speak, and would need to find some other passion to rule my life (and my pocketbook!)

not long after that particularly arid reading period, i chanced upon several books in a row, marvelous, engaging stories that earn the honor of my favorite stories of the year.  ironically, two of them were gentle tales of women who knit (The Knitting Circle, Ann Hood, and The Friday Night Knitting Club, Kate Jacobs) – ironic, because i am notoriously clumsy at any and all types of needlework.  another was the the fictionalized account of the circumstances surrounding a famous impressionist painting (Luncheon of the Boating Party, Susan Vreeland).  the others were all tales of young women, coming into their own at different times in history (Keeping the House, Ellen Baker; Dream When You’re Feeling Blue, Elizabeth Berg; and The Emperor’s Children, Claire Messud).

naturally, i was relieved to find myself caught up in these tales, and especially relieved to find myself on good terms with books once again. 

in no particular order, then, here are the books i read in 2007~

Sea Music– Sara MacDonald

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan-Lisa See
Secret Smile– Nicci French

Constant Princess– Phillipa Gregory

Anne Sexton, A Biography-Diane Wood Middlebrook

The Liar’s Diary-Patry Francis

True Evil-Greg Iles

Natural Opium-Diane Johnson

Paint it Black-Janet Fitch

The Slow Moon-Elizabeth Cox

Nineteen Minutes-Jodi Picoult

If You Want to Write-Brenda Ueland

Double Bind-Chris Bohjalian

The Time of Our Singing-Richard Powers

The Right to Write-Julia Cameron

The Sweet Life-Michelle York

Eat, Pray, Love-Elizabeth Gilbert

The History of Love-Nicole Krauss

The Knitting Circle-Ann Hood

Luncheon of the Boating Party-Susan Vreeland

The Friday Night Knitting Club-Kate Jacobs

Sister of My Heart, Vine of Desire, The Uncommon Errors of Our Lives-Chitra Banerhee Divakaruni

Echoes of the Dance-Marcia Willet

The River Queen-Mary Morris

The Post Birthday World-Lionel Shriver

The Emperor’s Children-Claire Messud

Shaggy Muses-Maureen Adams

The Shoe Queen-Anna Davis

Stormy Weather-Paulette Jiles

Sheer Abandon-Penny Vincenzi

Kabul Beauty School-Deborah Rodriguez

Keeping the House-Ellen Baker

The Water’s Lovely-Ruth Rendell

Peony in Love-Lisa See

Two Part Invention-Madeleine L’Engle

Dream When You’re Feeling Blue-Elizabeth Berg

Satisfaction-Gillian Greenwood

Foolsgold-Susan Woolridge

Astrid and Veronika-Laura Olsson

The Godmother-Carrie Adams

The Office of Desire-Martha Moody

Away-Amy Bloom

Songs Without Words-Ann Packer

Circling My Mother-Mary Gordon

Atonement-Ian McEwan


3 thoughts on “Bookstack 2007

  1. Becca, I love your list…I’ve read a few of these books but I am taking down titles and authors. I love to read what others have been reading or recommended. I like Susan Vreeland but have not read this one. I read “Peony in Love” but it left me a bit “wanting”. I have “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” now, thinking I can’t judge an author on one book. I love anything by Elizabeth Berg, and I see you read like I do…a bit of this, a bit of that…I’m not restricted to one genre and I like to mix it up as I read. I think this year I will definitely keep a list of what I’ve read (started one on my blogroll on journals)…it’s good to look back to see what and where you’ve been.

    I’m loving this blog by the way..I guess you could tell that from the number of comments I’m leaving!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog – I’m a ravenous reader too. I’ve read a few of the same books and I’m pleased to see you liked The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs as I was given this for Christmas. I’ve never heard of it before and from the cover I’m not sure it’s my kind of book – but I do like knitting, so I hope I enjoy it as much as you did.

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