Buy A Friend A Book – A Bookstack Giveaway

in the spirit of celebrating all things bookish, buy a friend a book week urges us to hie ourselves to the nearest bookstore and do just that.  said friend need not be celebrating a birthday or anniversary, they need not be depressed or otherwise in need of cheering up. the only criteria is that they are indeed a friend, and would welcome being gifted with a book.

lovely idea, isn’t it?  i hope my friends are reading this (winks).

so, in keeping with BAFAB (oh my, i don’t like that acronym, but there you have it) i invite you to become my friend by leaving a comment on this post.  on January 13, 2008, one friendly commenter will be chosen (completely at random and without prejudice) to receive a brand new copy of  this, my current top of the stack book.

it’s good to have friends, isn’t it?


13 thoughts on “Buy A Friend A Book – A Bookstack Giveaway

  1. Becca, you are really rolling with Bookstack…I’m so loving it!!

    I had not realized that this is BAFAB week and I’m charmed because I think it’s a vital idea (even if the acronym makes you want to “barf”!!!).

    I’m off to Chapter’s this afternoon!!

  2. How very kind of you. The book sounds great to me! Please enter me in your contest. Hope your new year is filled with
    health and happiness…..Cindi

  3. Although owning a book is wonderful (and I know many who only want to own, never borrow), I am a huge fan of local libraries; I have 3 library cards at present and use all of them. My reading list is only a shadow of the year-end list you gave for 2007, but I enjoy the things I read and don’t feel a bit guilty about slapping the cover shut after only a chapter or two and sending it down the chute at the drive-thru return; life is too short to waste it on a book I’m not into.

    I’m so glad you’re sharing your love of books with us here and that you’re spreading that love by gifting a favorite to a lucky soul. I know that the name drawn will be just the right person to receive the story you’ve chosen to share.

  4. Becca,
    I love your new blog. I too am a ravenous reader. Just Friday night, my sister-in-love gave me a copy of “the Sunday Wife” and said “You have to read this!” I started it right after work and ended up staying up until 3:00 a.m. to finish it–I haven’t done that in years! The next day, I felt like I had a “reading hangover!” Normally I take my reading in smaller, continuous doses–I rarely go anywhere without a book in my bag. So I think the whole idea of a book blog and a book give-away are both fantastic!

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