Are You Into Multiples?

books that is…this is a family blog, you know (smiles)

seriously, do you read more than one book at a time?  i often find myself with several books ongoing, and if you were to wander through the rooms of my house at this moment, you would see a stack of five piled dangerously on the tiny glass topped stand beside my reading chair, one sprawled face down on the kitchen table next to my empty coffee cup, another carefully laid aside next to the bed when my weary eyes could not take in another word.  and – i just came up the stairs with two more,  unearthed from the rabbit’s warren of bookshelves in the basement.

i fear it’s extremely inefficient, and likely explains why my book journal pages aren’t filling up as rapidly as i would like.  however, i invariably succumb to an extreme sense of urgency regarding books – the “so many, so little time” syndrome.   i might pick up one, only intending  to read a few pages, and soon finding myself completely lost in the story.  another could be just the ticket to inspire my muse,  and yet a third may contain the germ of an idea for a story or poem.  then a fourth, just because it’s on all the “must read” lists, and i “must see” what all the fuss is about.

you can see how it happens.  i’m greedy.  i can’t postpone gratifying my book hunger. after all, no one lives forever.  when it comes to books, i occasionally experience moments of panic, akin to those expressed by a young woman recently overheard shouting into her cell phone, “i’m running out of minutes!”

now tell me, do you succumb to the same bookish gluttony?


7 thoughts on “Are You Into Multiples?

  1. I have always been a book glutton, but as I age am finding that 3 is the limit and I must finish one before I add a new one to the stack or I’ll get very confused or completely forget what I have already read. I did finish one today but found I had already started another just a day or two ago. I apparently hid it on myself … kind of like going in the bathroom to smoke a cigarette after you’ve quit!! Oh well, life is like that.

  2. I love books, but since the Internet came into my life I sure don’t go throught them like I used to.
    Goodness I remember a time when I would drop a finished book behind the bed. When the pile became level with the mattress, I would box them up and send them to my aunt.
    Thanks for stopping in at my Sunday Scribbling.

  3. I’m laughing as I read this…I do this too!!! I think we are greedy gluttons…but tell me, what true bibliophile does not do this…I generally juggle 2-3 books at a time…and always have from as far back as I can recall. I don’t think this is a “bad habit”, I think this is stretching the imagination and no different to watching television…one program after another..and programs that are “serials” are like books…you stop at a chapter…”to be continued”… I’d much rather do this with books since I’m not much for television.

  4. I usually have 3-5 going! However, I never let myself read more than one book in the same genre, so it works pretty well, since it forces me to finish them up. I think some books, especially classics and intense non-fic, work better spread out longer. Reading other, easier books at the same time reduces me need to skim!

  5. All the way through my degree I could just about keep one on the go, now it’s eight or nine… it means big gaps in finishing books, then I finish loads at once. Quite fun!

  6. I can’t handle more than three books at once. So I pretty much always have three going. And recently I’ve started reading one fiction, one non-fiction and one sci-fi/fantasy book at all times which fits perfectly in my three books at a time plan. Sometimes I am very tempted to start a fourth but I am somehow able to refrain.

  7. Absolutely! I’m reading a book for review (non-fiction), two short story collections (alternating 1 story per week between the two books so it will be awhile before completing either of them), War and Peace (a category of its own), a history of the reign of Alexander I to accompany W&P, a fiction book that is portable (for lunchtime reading), and an audio book on CD (long work commute). No wonder it takes me forever to finish anything!

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