May I Introduce… (booking through thursday)

booking through thursday inquires how i came across my favorite authors and was it love at first sight

meeting books seems a great deal like meeting people, and i approach my social life with books in the manner that others attend parties or loiter in bars, cruising libraries and bookstores with a pleasant smile and an air of expectant anticipation, projecting a sense of openess to new encounters.

i’m attracted by outward appearance, i admit – after all, a slick glossy cover with excellent artwork surely turns my head, and i’m drawn immediately to a certain style of type.  scent is important as well, a particular aroma of crisp, clean paper, tinged with the metallic tartness of ink.  when this particular package catches my eye, i might sidle in closer and reach out to touch, a tentative hand placed upon the spine, a gentle turning back of the pages, the impertinence of reading a few words from somewhere within the center of the story. and of course it is the words that finally win my heart, the story that sweeps me up, the characters that tug my heartstrings, the descriptions that take me places i’ve never been, or set me squarely in the midst of something completely familiar.

most of my long term relationships have begun just this way, in friday night bookstore outings, or saturday afternoon library visits.  on occasion, a good friend has offered a stranger to me, and i have been happy make their acquaintance.  i am eternally grateful to a dear friend at whose insistent i first read the mysteries of elizabeth george, for out of that acquaintance has grown a lovely circle of like minded companions.

you mustn’t think i give my heart foolishly or easily – it takes time, consideration, and careful study before i’ll admit to being in love.  but when i allow myself to enter into that most satisfying of all relationships, i offer the utmost loyalty, and will read every word that’s fallen from the pen of my beloved.

8 thoughts on “May I Introduce… (booking through thursday)

  1. Oh Becca, I’m delighted with this post, these thoughts. They speak straight to my heart!!! You write so eloquently!!

    I smiled throughout and just know that should you and I happen upon one another in a bookstore or a library we would be introducing one another to “new friends”…this is how I have come to know so many “wonderful” people…something catches my eye…the photography, the layout..something about the design of the cover. The title of the book, perhaps even the author’s name. I don’t read the fly leaf…I may glance at it once I’ve chosen someone to know but I don’t want to know anything, no pre-conceived notions!! I flip through the pages, I see if my eyes are delighted, I might read a few words to detect the tone and the comfort of the words … and when I discover a new friend…I eagerly wait until they visit again…with new words for me to discover.

  2. Your post is so charming, I loved reading it. I do am drawn by outward appearances and have on occasion been reluctant to read a book because of the cover. Number Nine Dream springs to mind – the UK cover is horrible. I think the US cover far better fitted to the book.

  3. I have this sort of love affair with journals and notebooks. It is definitely a tactile thing. I just want to possess them and write in them. The trouble is that one you sully them with imperfect words, they never seem quite the same again.

  4. It interesting how you explain your thoughts in this question. The impact of your words just tell us the kind of person you are.

    My love reading start young but when I really got to really read all the times was when sisters introduced me to a book. And while they’re don’t read much, I still do 🙂

    Happy BTTs! Hope you’ve a good day/weekend ahead!

  5. Your words are beautiful. You have reminded me of the aesthetic appeal of books- how many times has the feel of a page or scent of the ink and paper taken my mind back to another book that had the same texture and aroma? I don’t know if it’s shameful to say, but I do sniff my books!

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