Let’s Review-Booking Through Thursday

today’s food for thought at booking through thursday: how do reviews affect your reading? 

reviews, whether of books, films, concerts, or restaurants, are tricky things. the simple act of reading them implies lending credence to the opinion of the reviewer, otherwise why strain one’s eyes in deciphering the usually very fine print they’re printed in.  the level of credence one lends to this opinion -whether it’s simple intellectual interest or pure devotion which governs subsequent action – largely depends on the reviewer in question. 

as an example, i’ve often found myself of like mind with reviewers from the New York Times, particularly Janet Maslin.  therefore, her opinion is much more likely to influence my own in deciding whether to read a book or not.  i recenly struck Alice Sebold’s new book from my  “soon tbr” list, after the Times rather vituperic review.  (that being said, however, i might still pull it from the libary shelf where it’s likely to linger forlornly, and test the alignment of our opinions, for i did enjoy Ms. Sebold’s writing style in her first novel.)

certainly those of us who maintain bookish blogs are in hopes that readers take reviews seriously, or at least find them interesting reading from a purely informative perspective. (smiles) 

5 thoughts on “Let’s Review-Booking Through Thursday

  1. I read more blogger reviews than paid for reviews although that reviewer sounds pretty mature. In general, I find that book reviewers take a much higher road than movie reviewers. Those can be really mean spirited and nasty.

  2. I have difficulty with reviews so wherever and whenever possible, I avoid them. I prefer to read something (or view something) and then form my own opinion.

    I do trust reviews/comments/recommendations of friends who share a similar interest and taste. I have tried two books recently that I just couldn’t get into…”The Gum Thief” by Coupland and “Middlesex” (and I can’t even remember the author)…both of which I know others raved about but I just couldn’t agree.

  3. I check in with NPR and what books they recommend. I also take recommendations from bloggers, friends, and book group members. Actually, I like to read reviews after I read to book to compare notes.

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