Life With a Book Mooch

“have you finished that one yet?” my husband asked, gazing longingly at my copy of Uniform Justice.

“ummm, pretty soon,” i answered, refusing to commit myself.  after all, i am reading five books simultaneously.

“well, i don’t have anything good to read right now,” he continued, sounding for all the world like a five year old deprived of a favorite toy.

i looked up with a smile.  “try the library,” i suggested with as much sweetness as i could muster.  “i hear they have worlds of good books there.”

my darling husband has only recently turned into a reader, and while he loves to read- in bed in the morning, then moving to the easy chair later in the morning, then onto the patio if weather permits…well, you can see what i mean – he isn’t quite as fond of gathering his own books.  oh, occasionally he’ll make a list, and then place it prominently on top of my library tote bag.  “since you’re going anyway, would you see if they have these for me?” he’ll ask.

personally, i find book harvesting almost as enjoyable as book reading.  i love searching those penultimate bookstacks in the library or bookstore. goodness, the unforeseen treasures i’ve found whilst searching for something else!  why wouldn’t anyone adore perusing all the reading possibilities out there for the taking?

“do you have anything else i might like?” he’s asking.

i suppose some people are just born to mooch.


8 thoughts on “Life With a Book Mooch

  1. I love browsing books as well…carrying them around, deciding which ones come with me from the library and which ones will have to wait.

    That’s neat that your husband has become a reader though! I hope I can find a bookworm to marry someday. 🙂

  2. I too love browsing books. I like to feel books. Inhale too, if I can.

    Somedays, I just sort through my books.

    Becca, my comments are not showing in your blog. I made two comments in that previous post of yours. None showed up.

    Seems not my luck to enter your book draw..


  3. Given the number of books in my ever growing TBR pile you could be forgiven for thinking that I actually find the gathering of books an even more enjoyable pastime than the reading of them!

  4. I love this! My husband is just the same. He is always trying to filch novels I have just bought as they are at their most tempting at that point. I don’t think he’s bought himself a book for years!

  5. Hey, if he’s mooching books, that’s a good thing!
    My husband doesn’t “read” — he read sports magazines, that’s it.
    My oldest son is a reader but right now he’s reading a lot of University texts and he’s got little time for leisure reading.
    Youngest son? Never picks up anything — book or magazine.
    I wish and hope they would all develop or rekindle a love of reading.

  6. I agree…there’s nothing like wandering around (library, bookstore, whatever) and finding some jewel of a book that you wouldn’t have found if you hadn’t actually *gone* to the library, bookstore, whatever. To me, picking out a book is half the fun! 😀

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