A Medley

 Medley, a musical word for a potpourri of songs strung together…so I offer the following selections in no particular order…

~Sherry and Lisa were winners of the Liar’s Diary Blog Day giveaway (felicitations, you two!)  If you would email your postal address (to beccasbookstack@gmail.com) I’ll forward your books to you.

~Iliana gifted me with a lovely award some time ago, and I feel quite remiss in not acknowledging it sooner.  The You Make My Day award is such a nice recognition, and I was touched to receive it.  And imagine my surprise and delight to receive the same award from Gautami today!  The ravenous reader is exremely flattered (blushes).

~Reading was curtailed this weekend by an afternoon at the theater, a local production of Almost, Maine, an absolutely delightful romantic comedy, with performances of exceptional quality.  The play is a series of short vignettes, during which we meet eight couples (played by a cast of four), residents of the small town of Almost, Maine, and all in varying stages of their relationships.  It was humorous, poignant, and heart-warming, particularly as performed in this very intimate theater setting.  So, not a bookish day, but at least a little bit literary (smiles).

~After all the effort to finish my biography of Jane Austen before last night’s version on television, I didn’t end up watching it!  Oh well, it’s waiting for me on the recorder.  For those who watched – what did you think?

~Later today, this ravenous reader boards a plane (again!) books clutched tightly in hand, this time with a pair of (ravenous reading) girlfriends.  We’re heading south for an annual girls week of rest and relaxation, which invariably includes time spent reading – as well as eating, talking, drinking…well, you get the idea.

Now, on with your reading.


10 thoughts on “A Medley

  1. I watched “Miss Austen Regrets” last night and will be curious to hear your review after reading the bio! Did they get it right? Were names changed for any reason, or composite characters? I hope not — I know it’s hard to toss a whole lifetime into 90 minutes, but I hate it when they do that!

    Without knowing about the accuracy of the film, I can say I truly enjoyed it. I especially liked “Jane” (Olivia Williams) who had the most lovely smile and laugh. They referred to her (and she to herself) as a flirt and she was — but in a good way, if you will. There were bits of things that popped up that I connected to the books, but it didn’t strike me as heavy on that (but then, I haven’t read the bio).

    One thing is for sure — I felt like she was a woman I would have liked to have known — not just because of her books, but because she seemed to be fun, smart, witty, clever and joyful. One needs people like that in their lives!

  2. I second Jeanie-I really enjoyed the movie, but I have no idea about the accuracy! I’ll have to track down that Austen bio that you talked about on Sunday…it sounds so good!

  3. Enjoy your girls week away — sounds like a wonderful thing to do, especially at this time of year!!! Heading south — all right!!!

    And THANK YOU!! I’m so thrilled and tickled that I won a copy of Patry’s book — Becca, you made my day!!!

  4. I also watched Jane Austen Regrets, and it was okay. I did enjoy how they portrayed Jane, although I don’t believe she was quite that independent and outspoken as characterized. We were viewing her through our 21st century of a woman, and that just isn’t realistic for this particular portrayal.

    Of course, I will watch P&P for the umpteenth time when it airs this Sunday. Colin Firth… yum.

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