Five Things

It seems I’ve been tagged for a meme by  Litlove, and I must say, her timing is perfect. I’ve just finished The Gathering and am definitely in the mood for thoughts of a positive nature.  And what could be considered more positive than reflecting on “kind things?”

1. List five kind things I do for myself.

~Reading, of course, particularly that extra hour I awake every morning so I can read in bed, fortified with good strong coffee, lots of plump pillows, and two gently snoring little dogs for company;

~Playing music.  I indulge myself by belonging to far too many musical groups.   I consider it therapy, in a way, and at that, it’s far less expensive than a psychologist.

~Walk. I believe it was Brenda Ueland (or Julia Cameron?) who referred to walking as “moving meditation,” and that’s precisely what it is for me.  And while some prefer to listen to music or other audio, I much prefer walking in silence, particularly if there’s a gentle breeze sighing through the trees, or a chorus of birdsong.

~Shopping~or retail therapy, as my mother calls it, particularly for books (of course!)  I consider an hour browsing Borders or Barnes and Noble, sipping a mocha latte, as the highest form of a treat.

~Allow myself to be less than perfect.  I’m still working at this, but I’m trying.

2.List five kind things I do for my husband.

~Keep his medication container all filled, and make sure he takes them on schedule every morning.

~I never nag him about watching television too much, or not helping with the housework enough – or really about anything (not that he doesn’t sometimes need it).  He was nagged quite a bit as a child, so it seems to me he’s had enough.

~Watch television with him, even when its a program I’m not terribly fond of.

~Get his favorite books from the library.

~Bring him coffee in bed every morning.

3.List five kind things I do for stangers.

~Listen.  I must be the world’s greatest listener, because everyone seems to tell me their troubles.

~Organize things for them.  I have lots of elderly neighbors who are always needing help getting paperwork organized.  Because I work in an office, they seem to think I love doing that (and really,  I don’t mind).

~Driving.  Same elderly neighbors.

~Playing music for them.  I actually do get calls from people I don’t know, asking if I will accompany them for a competition, or play for their wedding, etc.  And I usually do.

~Be polite – unfailingly so.  Even when people are rude to me. 


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