How Exciting

This ravenous reader is so pleased this morning – while reading the latest issue of BiblioBuffet, she came across some lovely comments about -Bookstack! 

Lauren, the editor of this delightul on line literary journal, had some awfully nice things to say about my little corner of the universe.  (blushes)

I am a fond and regular reader of BiblioBuffet, because it reminds me of sitting down with friends and talking about all things bookish.  There are a group of regular columnists with pithy, entertaining things to say about the reading life.  Andi Miller (aka The Finicky Reader) first introduced me to the journal, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

And so I’m tickled pink to be mentioned.

Click over and read this week’s issue.  You’ll be a fan, I just know it.


7 thoughts on “How Exciting

  1. What a wonderful site, thank you for posting the link and telling us about it. And congratulations on the kind words – she’s absolutely spot on about your blog!

  2. I squeaked a little squeak of joy when I saw that Lauren mentioned you this week. Congrats! You have a wooonderful blog and deserve mountains of good mentions.

  3. Star – I have yet to meet any of my blogging friends in person – but I would love to 🙂

    Jeanie – Thank you so much!

    Mrs. S-And thank you as well. You ARE always welcome here.

    Verbivore – BiblioBuffet is a great read for booklovers. I think you would enjoy it immensely.

    Andi-Thanks so much! And thank you for introducing me to BiblioBuffet. The columnists are top notch 🙂

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