My Comforters

“Do you suppose you might bring me that paperback book sitting on the living room table?” I ask ever so sweetly, just as my husband starts off to watch his favorite program.

He looks pointedly at the book I’m holding open in front of me – Little Face, a rather disturbing psyhcological thriller by Sophie Hannah. 

“Aren’t you already reading a book?” he asks.

“Well, yes…but I would just like that other one nearby…if you don’t mind.”

A small sigh escapes his lips – I hope it’s one of fondness and not exasperation. 

For I must admit, I’ve been tasking the poor darling with lots of small requests today.  You see, the ravenous reader has fractured her foot, and has been consigned to her easy chair and ottoman for a few days.  And while this might sound appealing – the chair and ottoman part – I’m afraid it has already begun to lose its charm, even with a rather impressive bookstack piled up beside me.

Except for that one little paperback who has gone astray – ahh! there it is now.

“Oh, thank you so much, sweetie!” I say,  tucking it up next to my side.  There now, I feel much better.

Books are so comforting, aren’t they?

Now tell me, do you have a favorite comfort book?


14 thoughts on “My Comforters

  1. Oh, I hope your foot heals quickly! Though you’re right, the chair and ottoman sounds very appealing indeed. 🙂

    Comfort books? You bet. Patrick O’Brian!!!

  2. My best wishes for some happy foot mending as well – that sounds awfully painful!

    Yes, books are a great comfort. I might have to pick Jane Austen as some favorite comfort reading. I know I’ll be instantly sweft away in the story and won’t be able to put it down until I’ve finished, perfect for those gloomy days!

  3. Oh goodness. I broke a toe back in January and it’s still giving me problems, so I hope you fare better than I did. You do know, don’t you, that there are tow more books that follow on from ‘Little Face’? I’m reading a collection of Hannah’s short stories at the moment and you know me – I don’t do short stories. Says something about how I rate her as a writer. But for a comfort read I go for Helene Hanff every time. If I’m picking ’84 Charing Cross Road’ off the shelf I am definitely in need of cosseting.

  4. Hope your foot gets better real soon! I don’t have a comfort book – I’d like to though – something I could return to as a favourite. I have so many TBR books I feel guilty returning to old ones – and can’t think of a favourite – well maybe Anne of Green Gables. Maybe I’ll challenge myself to discover a favourite – read over and over – book this year!

  5. Eek! So sorry to hear about your foot! I’ve fractured my ankles (each one) several times, and the immobility is never charming for long.

    Comfort books…hmmm. For me, fairy tale retellings, graphic novels, and my favorite classics and fiction. A wide array, eh? Lately my favorite comforts are probably memoirs. Paul Auster’s, Hand to Mouth, is a favorite. As is his wife Siri Hustvedt’s collection, A Plea for Eros.

  6. So sorry to hear about your mishap. Hope you’re up and around soon. But, as far as a comfort book, I would have to go with anything by Jane Austen, To Kill a Mockingbird or like Andi said, a fairy tale or children’s classic. I’ve just read The Secret Garden and was captivated.

  7. So sorry to hear of your injury and hope it mends quickly and painlessly!! I f I were in your place I’d be surrounded by books too and I can’t tell you those that would comfort me most. They all would!!

  8. Oh, Becca — this is so very sad. I do hope your foot mends soon and that it’s not too much of a pain. I know it sounds lovely for a ravenous reader to be “confined” with books, but it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, is it? At least, not that confined!

    Comfort books — well, just about any book that has a captivating story or narrative is comforting to me. Those include biographies of intriguing people; a don’t-put-it-down mystery (the Maisie Dobbs and Inspector Lynley books fall in that category for me), a fascinating period non-fiction — I fell in love with Dorothy Draper’s “Decorating Is Fun” after recovering from surgery last year. Then there are those that make me laugh… Well, I’m not quite at the point where I want a foot injury (or any other), but I sure could use a bit more book time!

  9. Oh no! You poor thing. I hope your foot heals quickly. And, yes, surround yourself with lots of good books. When I need a comfort read I typically turn to a cozy or British mystery.
    So tell us which book your husband brought over for you to read?

  10. Ouch, I do hope your foot gets better soon! Sitting around doing nothing gets old after a while. For comfort reading, I pick up a nice YA book that I’ve read before.

  11. Julie – Patrick O’Brian – doesn’t he write the seafaring series? What an interesting choice for a comfort book!

    Verbivore – Jane Austen – oh she is so comforting, especially with a nice cuppa tea 🙂

    Gautami – Tintin? That’s a new name for me. Off to Google I go!

    Anne – So we’re both in the fractured foot club! Hope your toe mends. And yes, I have the next Sophie Hannah novel lined up. I didn’t know there were short stories. I’ll be watching for your review 🙂

    Mrs. S – Anne of Green Gables – oh, I love those books so much! I have them all lined up on my shelf, well read and loved 🙂 Did you ever see the tv series done on Canadian televsion? Lovely.

    Andi – Just the comfort books I would expect, after reading your most recent reviews 🙂

    Lisa – Mockingbird and Secret Garden – two of my all time favorites. Have you ever seen the musical version of Secret Garden? I love it.

    Joan – Yep – I just love having them (all) nearby.

    Jeanie – Lynley and Maisie are two of my all time favorites as well.

    Iliana – It seems there are lots of us who love those British mysteries. As for the little paperback I asked for…it was Donna Leon’s Death at La Fenice, the first Inspector Brunetti mystery 🙂

    Kim – My favorite YA books – anything by Madeleine L’Engle.

  12. Hi, Becca — hope you’re feeling better and your foot is a bit stronger day by day! Stop by to enter my drawing at The Marmelade Gypsy — it’s “Bling Your Birdhouse” day!

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