april showers bring may flowers – or so the old saying goes. and if its true, we will have some splendid bouquets in a few weeks time, for the rain is pouring down tonight, veritable buckets of it.

i don’t mind, really, because the house is cozy and warm, the dogs have settled onto the ottoman beside my feet, i have a glass of my favorite chardonnay (clos du bois, 2005) at hand, and a brand new book to start (comfort food, by kate jacobs).

but the ravenous reader is tired, dear friends.

almost too tired to read.

i’ve often told my family (only half kidding) that if i’m not reading, i’m nearly done for.

don’t worry, i’m not there yet.  but life can sometimes be so wearisome, even the things we love most are too much effort.

i am there.

so i may just sit here for a while, admiring the glossy black cover of the book, the still life painting of apricots arranged so artfully in a bowl, reminiscent of the “old masters” in style, sipping my wine, anticipating the entertaining story to come.

and listening to the rain.





7 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. My cyber friend–I call you that because we do not know each other, I just read your blog from afar–sometimes we just need to lean into whatever is making us feel so tired, and trust that this moment of ennui will pass and we will feel more energized in a day or so…
    Of course, I prescribe a book of great import and a glass of imported white….

    Mary in San Diego

  2. I’m just recovering from chronic fatigue and I know without doubt that sometimes life is very wearisome. But I also know that there are few better therapies than a really good book. Take care of yourself.

  3. Oh yes, life can be wearisome indeed. But it looks like you’re on the right track: book, wine, dogs, cosy house, and May flowers on the way! Best wishes to you…

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