Small Pleasures

It’s a typical summer day in southwest Florida, the sun playing keep away from those dark thunderclouds which roll overheard every so often.  You learn never to leave the house unless you’re prepared for a deluge, because one can happen at any moment!

To escape the threat of being soaked, I’ve opted to stay in today, which is really no hardship.  It’s quiet and cool inside, the ceiling fan whirs gently overhead, and I’ve spent the entire day reading and writing.  What a luxury and a joy for this ravenous reader. 

As predicted, I finished the novel I was reading before we left, but not until this morning.  It was a marvelous book –  I have much to tell you about it, but will save it for another time as it’s still all whirling about in my head and heart.

Naturally I brought another book with me – Death at La Fenice, by Donna Leon, the first in her mystery series starring Commissario Guido Brunetti – but I thought to wander around the house and see if, perchance, there might be something else to tempt me.

Because we don’t live here all the time, I sometimes purchase books and leave them behind, thinking I might need a book on some future trip.  Too, I usually leave behind the books I’ve brought from home and finished, so there are a number of old friends here who might bear a re-visit.

And we occasionally have guests who are kind enough to donate their finished books to my Florida library. In that collection I discovered two small treasures today – books I have never read, but have head mentioned quite highly.

March, by Geraldine Brooks and A Thread of Grace, by Mary Doria Russell.  Both authors are strangers to me, but I know they have good friends among my bookish compatriots. 

Any thoughts on which of these small treasures to enjoy first?

Better make it quick, though, because I have a trip to the bookstore planned for after dinner – as long as the rain holds off. *smiles*

~I have a small pleasure to offer as well~ the copy of Hungry Hill I offered in this post is going to Seachanges ~enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Small Pleasures

  1. I have a few unread treasures at the lake, as well as some leave-behinds from guests or renters. Unfortunately, the leave-behinds aren’t nearly so good as those! I need to acquire more learned renters!

    Have a wonderful time! It sounds beautiful. Isn’t it nice to have your own spot to go to that isn’t a hotel and has that wonderful familiarity?

  2. Did you mean A Thread of Grace by Mary Doria Russell? If so, I recommend the other one. I was very disappointed with the Russell. It promised but it didn’t deliver.

  3. I love the sound of this Becca…books you leave behind for yourself which can be discovered by you as treasure and guests leaving little treasures for you. Wonderful!!!

    I did this on vacation in California. I had taken 2 paperbacks with me for the plane journey — nothing involved or intriguing — it was chick lit which was perfect for the trip. When we were leaving San Francisco, I “dropped” both books at different parts of the departure terminal…and left a note inside to say where they were from and why they had been left. Hopefully two travellers with nothing to read picked them up for their own flight to wherever. It’s called book crossing and while I don’t formally belong to the organization, I think it’s always lovely to discover someone else’s treasure!

  4. How lovely to have a second home – what a dream! I haven’t read either of the two books you mention, but I’ve heard good things about both of them. And I keep meaning to try Donna Leon. I have one of her novels and must give it a go.

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