On The Shelf

“Ouch!” my poor husband yelped, stubbing his toe on yet another bookstack.  He looked at the floor, and then at me, rather disgusted I’m afraid.  “Must you just leave them about all over the floor?” he asked.

The irony of it is, I’d just moved that particular stack about five minutes before he came into the room, fearing he would do exactly what he just did when he came in on his nightly window closing rounds.

“Well, I’d love to have built in bookshelves in this room,” I remarked defensively, “but you know that’s certainly not in the budget.” 

“Why so many stacks?” he whined.  “Couldn’t they all go on one pile there in the corner?”

I sighed.  Really, he just doesn’t understand.

“There’s a stack to be reviewed,” I explained, “and another to add to Bookmooch, and another of those to be read next, and another that I discovered in the basement and totally forgot I even owned…”

“Fine – whatever,” he said, wandering out shaking his head in utter bewilderment.

It’s true, I really don’t have a decent bookshelf in the house. 

If only money grew on trees (as my father so often informed me it most emphatically did not), I would purchase these shelves.

And then everyone’s toes would be safe.


(thanks, Rachel, for giving me something to dream about 😉




12 thoughts on “On The Shelf

  1. An all-too familiar situation in this household as well. I have the added trouble of a rambunctious dog who likes knocking the stacks over – someday I’ll have a room (will one room be enough???) dedicated to books with built-in shelves. Wall to wall.

  2. Hmmm. That bookshelf looks cool but how would you ever find anything? When I win the lottery I’m going to fill my house with those lawyers’ bookcases that have the glass doors that lift up.

  3. Wow, those are pretty interesting shelves. When I was little a whole wall of my room was made of cubbyholes from old filing shelves that came out of my father’s office. Seeing them all tipped made my head swim! I can’t imagine ever having shelves like that for my library, but if I did I’m sure each little compartment would have books of like subject- all the fantasy books with dragons in one, all the books about dog behavior in another, all the books set in African in a third, etc.

  4. I am SORELY lacking shelves. Meaning I should rid myself of a few things, but I find that very hard! And I am SO tired of furniture I have to build myself. But at least that can get in the budget!

  5. Hmmm… we have one or two issues with books around here as well (http://annos-place.blogspot.com/2006/07/books-summer-doldrums.html).

    A word of warning about those shelves you’re coveting. I think they are designed by people who are maybe not readers… or someone who simply cannot imagine the shelf space a real book lover requires.

    A friend of ours made some similar to these, and as visually appealing as they might be, we have found them terrifically frustrating — the book we want is inevitably at the bottom of a stack — and a poor use of space. Alas, because a friend made them, we cannot dismember the wood and put it to better use.

  6. I have super, super cheap ones form OfficeMax. I keep meaning to paint them, but that would involve me pulling all the books off the shelves. And I’m moving soon anyway, and not bringing them with me, so it seems pointless. lol I’m still young enough that if I have to, I can get away with the old slabs of wood on cinder blocks homemade shelves!

  7. LOL, there’s danger in bookishness. I’ve said it a million times, and I experienced it today when a stack fell on my toes when I was packing. Ouch!

  8. IKEA has some beautiful bookshelves with glass fronts (yeah!! – no dust) but I have never purchased from them….

    Unfortunately, all of my bookshelves came from Target. Cheap, relatively sturdy, only leave a little to be desired in the looks department. They serve, however, and I only have a few stacks going on in the bedroom.

    Some folks just don’t understand the need to OWN a book! They are probably closer in the range of normal than we are….

  9. There’s never enough space for all those books! Husband, son and I are shoehorned into a tiny little apartment, and there are books everywhere I turn. One tall bookshelf, one small (one tall one still in the box, waiting to be put together- foster kittens don’t make that easy, you see!). Milk crates, laundry baskets, and I-don’t-want-to-count-how-many Rubbermaid containers crammed with books. Stacks of books, a bag for books specifically from the library. Hardcover, softcover, spiral bound. Classics, trash, and everything in between. Nothing makes me happier than books. I’m like a crazy cat lady, but with books (although I do currently have five cats in the apartment, only three of them are permanent. And I suppose I am more than my fair share of crazy…).

    Great blog. I plan on checking back often. 🙂

  10. I don’t think I could handle those bookshelves. My first thoguht when I saw them was “chaos”. Then I noticed how much the books appear like a ship leaning in a storm and about to go down. No matter how orderly the books were arranged, they would always be chaotic.

    Now, the shelves would be great for yarn storage because the mostly round balls of yarn, or the ends of the skeins that appear round, would not give the appearance of leaning. This would create order out of the book chaos.

  11. That is an awesome book shelf. if I owned the place I lived, I’d be tempted. For now I settle for having my permanent collection on two very cheap bookshelves and my TBR pile underneath our coffee table. I, too, have separate piles. They are based on review books, books from the library, books I’m currently reading, books I bought recently. My stack is outgrowing my space, though.

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