that’s the sound of me, blowing dust off the top of this poor neglected Bookstack.

real life has a way of intruding into even the most ravenous reader’s imagination, and mine has been a bit withered these past days.  i can’t really blame it on the heat, for our weather here has been sublime.   perhaps the dearth of writing in this space can be traced to the general chaos in my work life over the past week.

whatever the reason, my brain has been tired and limp, so nothing has appeared on the page.

i have been reading however, make no mistake about that.  (when i stop reading, you will know that the grim reaper is hovering very near my door.)  i’ve been devouring Robert Frost, a very fine biography of this poet, by Jay Parnini.  i finished it this morning – all 448 pages of it – and i’ve enjoyed it immensely.

but at the moment i’m simply too tired to talk about it. 

what i feel most like these days is curling up in bed with a wonderfully entertaining read and just plowing through it from start to finish, without thinking about anything other than a good storyline with characters who are likeable and entertaining.

i dashed up to the library on my bike this evening, and snagged a copy of The Wednesday Sisters, which I’ve been dying to read after all the great reviews its been getting. 

i think this is the perfect night to plunge in.

there’s a bubble bath waiting, and crisp, clean sheets on my bed.

so, off i go.


9 thoughts on “Ahem….

  1. The blogworld seems to have been very quiet of late, Becca, and I think a lot of us are having life stuff get in the way of decent blogging. Glad to know you are okay, even if a bit run down by it all, and finding good books to keep you company and hold you in a safe place.

  2. I know the feeling. Life does have a way of getting in the way of all of our best laid plans. Here’s to (hopefully) a restful weekend full of reading.

  3. A book in combination with hot bath and clean crisp sheets are wonderful comforts for me, too. Everyone needs a pause now and then, but I had been wondering why it was quiet over here. Missed reading your posts.

  4. Nothing like a fine, fun read, especially after something fairly thoughtful and lengthy (I know, when I finished all 500-ish pages of “The Sisters” I was ready for someone who wasn’t the Mitfords and a heck of a lot lighter!)

    Stop by the Gypsy, for you are one of several blog award recipients for this delightful resting, reading and learning place!

  5. Becca, it sounds lovely. the escape to read. The time out. The good sense to do it. No need to relate the Wednesday Sisters. I’ll just saunter over to the library and see what’s what…(as if I need an excuse!)

  6. Just as long as we know you’re all right Becca, that’s what matters. There are times when writing feels like the most natural thing in the world and times when you just don’t want to know. We’ve all been there.

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