Friday Finds

It is Friday, isn’t it?  Not only did I find  a few minutes for browsing in Barnes & Noble, I found a few books I’d like to read …

White Heat, The Friendship of Emily Dickinston and Thomas Wentworth Higginson, by Brenda Wineapple: This book explores the unique relationship between the poet and the man who became her mentor.  Conducted almost entirely via correspondence, Dicksinson turned to Higginson for advice about poetry, but also about life. Here ‘s what reviewer Franz Wright had to say.  “Brenda Wineapple’s White Heat is one of the most astonishing books about poetry I have ever read. It causes us to see Emily Dickinson, perhaps for the first time, as an actual human being of a particular time and place, rather than as a timeless, ghostly and ethereal instrument of first-rank poetic genius–and she had red hair!  Wineapple clarifies our past misconceptions about Higginson, and captures how he wisely and cunningly sought to protect a sensitive and eccentric poet from the vicious idiocies of the literary world.  Beautifully written, illuminated by Wineapple’s grasp of nineteenth-century American history, with its astonishing cast of literary, philosophical and military personalities, the book is irresistibly entertaining.”

Where Memories Lie, by Deborah Crombie:  One of my favorite mystery series has a new installment, and I’m always excited to catch up with Detective Kincaid and his lovely wife and partner, Gemma James, as they track down a murderer in the southeast of England.

In other finds, I’ve recently met a lovely and fascinating pair of new (to me, at least!) bloggers.  Beth Kephart is an author, photographer, and poet, who has published young adult novels which are garnering critical acclaim.   She’s been posting wonderful little video-logs of her own photography and poetry which are so gentle and thoughtful, and set to serene music.  They’ve become an oasis in my day.  Stroll over and visit her.

I’m just getting to know Sadie at These Halcyon Days, but I love her writing style and her taste in books (and presidential candidates).  I think she’s going to become a regular stop on my bookish blog reading list.

Now tell me, what did you find this Friday?


7 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Ah Deborah Crombie’s books… I was so enjoying the series until someone in my book group spoiled the next several books for us! Can you believe the nerve? I had to put these aside for a long while. I think it’s safe for me to go back and restart the series. I think I had stopped somewhere around 4 or 5.

  2. true confession: I just read THE STARTER WIFE, true and absolute chick lit. It was a welcome break. It doesn’t need anyone to rush out and buy it; it’s not a ‘find’ of any sort; it’s likely sitting on the library shelf.
    It was like cotton candy. Which I was craving for whatever reason.
    And now, back to CRY THE BELOVED COUNTRY, which I am determined to finish though I feel another part of me snooping around, looking for something else!

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