Friday Finds

my friends, the ravenous reader has been working her little fingers to the bone this week, organizing and typing like mad to complete a major reporting project at work.  in the past two months, i have read over 1000 pages of medical records in 9 point times new roman font.  i think this has catapulted me directly into the next stage of magnification for my reading glasses.

but, thank all the gods, yesteday afternoon at 4:50 p.m., 79 pages of critical summary and review dropped with a resounding thud into the fed ex pickup box outside my office.

what joy filled my soul!

and how better to reward myself than a trip to bargain books (actually, a nice dinner and two glasses of wine were savored first).

this morning, a starbucks pumpkin latte in hand (wasn’t it kind of them to put starbucks next door to bargain books??), i headed in, canvas tote bag at the ready.  forty five minutes and $16.00 later, here’s what i brought home:

Eudora Welty, A Biography, by Suzanne Marrs

Awake, by Elizabeth Graver

What Matters Most, by Nicole Bokat

and, my prize find…

Collected Stories, by Carol Shields

plus a package of three moleskine ruled journals for $4.99!

ahh yes, i’m smiling now.

and imagine my delight, when the postman leaves me my copy of I See You Everywhere, by Julia Glass, one of my all time favorite contemporary female authors.

it was a good friday my friends, and it found me feeling quite well.

now tell me, how did this friday find you?


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