A Brand New Book

believeA new story is about to be written, the story of a nation that had lost its way, was becoming hopeless and fearful, the story of a nation whose people hungered for a leader who cared about them and their needs.  A leader who expected much, and who asked us all to believe for a moment in the ability of change.  Last night, that leader became evident, and was greeted enthusiastically by the multitudes.

It’s a bit of a fairy tale, I suppose, this thing that occurred in America last night.  And normally, I don’t care to read fairy tales or fantasy novels.  For better or worse, I’m steadfastly grounded in  reality, and find it difficult to suspend my disbelief to the extent a fairy tale requires.

But reality in America hasn’t been very pretty lately, has it?  And oh, how we needed this handsome young prince to ride in on his white steed and save the day.  How hungry we were for a wise man with an air of confident certitude to tell us that things don’t have to be this way, that we can settle in beside him and help him re-write the story.

The result of last night’s Presidential election is destined to make headlines in the history books of tomorrow.  And not only because of the “race card,” as mighty an accomplishment as that is.

But also because there is a magical quality to this story, to this man who now carries the hopes of a nation on his slender shoulders.

Believe in the magic. 

For once, I do.


3 thoughts on “A Brand New Book

  1. Ditto, to everything you wrote. Perfectly put. Sublimely felt. How remarkable it is to wake up and be excited and energize rather than be encouraged to be afraid.

    And now, on a completely different note, without your WOW assignments, I am not reaching into my writer self to examine stuff. (Yes, I’m hellbent on my nano character, but that’s a separate thing.) Look forward to your next WOW post if there’s to be one …

  2. A handsome prince on a white steed… and we can help re-write the story. Golly, you’re good. Amazing post! Amazing.

    I so often go to WOW, sometimes I forget to come back to my Becca touchstone, the blog that captured my heart in the first place. I’m glad I’ve checked back!

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