The Sunday Salon – Up in the Air

The Sunday

As you read this, I’ll be airborne, wending my way to Florida for the next week.  In terms of weather, my trip timing couldn’t be more fortuitous- last week’s  gloriously perfect Indian Summer days were eclipsed yesterday by the raw winds of autumn.  In one evening, all the leaves came slashing down, the last vestiges of daylilies and hostas turned yellow and drooped to the ground, and my hearty mums at last gave up the ghost and withered in defeat.


But my trip will buy me one more week of temperate weather, and I’m grateful.

Of course books will travel with me, my ever faithful companions.  As I was trying to decide which (among a very hefty stack) to choose, and then squeeze them into the small bag I was packing, it occurred to me that those electronic reading devices which I’ve decried in the past could be useful.  In one small, handheld package, I could take every one of those books on my TBR list. <smiles>

418z2t2tuil__sl500_aa240_Oh, but then I couldn’t see the beautiful cover on Sandi Khan Shelton’s new novel, Kissing Games of the World, which arrived in my mailbox late yesterday afternoon.  I ‘met’ Sandi in blog-land, but I was familiar with her writing from her columns in Redbook and Working Mother magazines.  Sandi’s novels are a delightful amalgam of humor and insight about life in general, peopled with characters so real you feel as if you might run into them in your local coffee shop.  Her new book promises to be another great read, and I can’t wait to start it.  And isn’t the cover intriguing?

But my airplane reading will be The Memorist, which I expect to finish by journey’s end.  This thriller is perfect for in-flight entertainment, with it’s fast paced plot and multiple story lines all converging toward a mysterious finish.  I’ll say no more about it now, but come back here on Wednesday, November 12, when I’ll be reviewing it for the TLC Book Tour and GIVING AWAY! three hardcover copies of this novel and it’s predecessor, The Reincarnationist.

Now, off I go into the wild blue yonder…


6 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – Up in the Air

  1. Ugh, I love travelling but it’s always so hard to choose books. I don’t think I could ever buy one of those e-readers, though. It just doesn’t feel the same as having a paperback in your hands 😦

  2. I hope you’re having fun in the sun!

    I have to have a *real* book when we travel, but my husband uses the Kindle. I guess it has its advantages; it’s just not for me!

  3. Drink froofy concoctions for me! I’ve got noisy leaf-blowers in front of my place trying to clean up around here. A few palm trees about now would be great!

    Agree that Shelton’s novel looks great. Looking forward to reading it myself.

  4. I hope you enjoy Florida. I know when I travel, I’m always choosing between a couple of small books to knock off my list, or that one big book to last the whole trip. i think a kindle or some such device would solve it for me! 🙂

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