Musing Monday…and Memorist Winners


Back in the days when I performed a lot, it was hard to follow an act that was extraordinarily good.  When you go on stage after that, the audience expectations are so high, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll disappoint in some way.  Talk about pressure!

Well, a similar situation occurs in reading ~ I just finished a book I loved (Kissing Games of the World, by Sandi Khan Shelton), so most anything else would pale by comparison, at least in my current reading frame of mind.  In this situation, I always find myself in a quandary…should I choose a book written in a similar vein, so I don’t find myself thrust into a completely different genre? Or should I take the leap and delve into something totally opposite the book I’ve just completed?

tiw_smThis morning I started reading Things I Want My Daughters To Know, a novel by Elizabeth Noble.  The novel tells the story of Barbara Forbes who, while suffering from terminal cancer, she prepares words of wisdom for her four daughters in the form of letters to each of them. In the year following Barbara’s death, her daughters draw strength from her words and from each other as they move forward with their lives.  I haven’t quite gotten far enough into the story to know if I’ll be quite as enamored with the characters as I was with Jamie and Nate from Kissing Games, but so far I’m enjoying getting to know the four women at the heart of the story. 

What to read next?  I never plan, really, just peruse the stacks and see what strikes my fancy. <smiles>

As far as Holiday Themed reading ~ I must confess I’m a bit Scrooge-ish about the holidays.  Perhaps its my age, or the fact that there are no children in the family anymore, but holiday time is quite tiresome and rather sad for me. So, in answer to the question, I will not be reading anything with a holiday theme.

That said, when I was a girl, I had some holiday reading traditions which are fond memories of the season.  Each year, I read Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women at Christmas time, and I warmly recall lying stretched out on the floor with my head under the fragrant evergreen branches of our Christmas tree, reading about Jo and Beth in the glow of the tree lights. 

Lovely times to muse upon.


But, oh! (shaking myself from that reverie) I nearly forgot…the winners of my TLC Book Tour giveaway of M. J. Rose’s The Reincarnationist and The Memorist are:  (drum roll please!)





Good for you 🙂

Now tell me, what did you all Muse about this Monday?



11 thoughts on “Musing Monday…and Memorist Winners

  1. Isn’t it hard to find the right book to read after a really good one has just finished? I’m interested in what you make of the Elizabeth Noble, however, as that’s in all the shops over here. I agree about the festive season, but one exception is Michel Tournier’s Four Kings. it’s very hard to get hold of, but it is the most extraordinary story of the Nativity that I’ve ever read. But I don’t know any Thanksgiving books at all!

  2. First I must thank you for holding the giveaway. I am thrilled to win, not one but two books! I gotta dance, I think.


    You know after finishing The Heretic’s Daughter, I couldn’t read for a while. Sometimes certain books have so much impact that finding another good book seems impossible.

    However, now I got The 19th Wife, Bel Canto, Sinai Tapestry to choose from. All are good books.

    PS: I will email you rightaway!

  3. I am reading so much for school right now it is not even funny. I dont think that I could list them if I tried. BUT! I decided that this semester I would read one thing always, of my own choice, just for fun. So that book for me right now is Suite Francais. IT is unbelievable. I cannot put it down.

  4. I’m not really one for holiday-themed reading either, but ‘Little Women’ is a nice book to read around Christmastime (and it’s one I’ve been meaning to re-read for a while now)

    Sadly though, I’ve never read books under the fragrance of evergreen trees, because our Christmas tree is 100% plastic!

  5. Just last night, I finished Things I Want My Daughter to Know. It was my first Elizabeth Noble book, but it won’t be my last. The book didn’t grab me right away, but as I kept reading I found myself loving and caring about each and every character. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and hope that you are liking it too. I look forward to reading your review when you finish the book. Have a great weekend!

  6. I enjoy reading holiday books — but not during the holidays when everything is crazy. Well, I do — but those are the little short things — those wee books you get (usually as a gift) that are a sweet story or collection of short essays. I’ll focus on the holiday things a little bit earlier — October, maybe.

    In fact, coming soon is a post about such a book and how it is reframing my holiday thinking! Maybe after the weekend!

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