The Sunday Salon-Snowed In

The Sunday

Brrr! Winter has arrived, bringing with it a chill concoction of white, slushy precipitation.  It really looks lovely, falling outside my window, illuminated by the warm glow of white lights on my little evergreen tree.  But I couldn’t be cozier, tucked here in my chair books and canine companions.  Come in and warm yourself – the kettle’s on for afternoon tea, and there’s plenty of wood for the fire.

I’m still immersed in the the Vincenzi novel I told you about the other day.  It’s a rather large potboiler, I’m afraid (678 pages in nine point type), and even though I feel as if I’m scarfing it down, practically inhaling the paragraphs without the least bit of degustation, I still have at least 250 pages left to go.  Still, I just started reading it on Tuesday, so I am making progress!  And it’s great fun to read – the plot is thickening now, and the romance is heating up.  Perfect fare for a Sunday afternoon.

However, I’m itching to read something a bit more, shall we say, learned?  Not that I’m being a reading snob, mind you, but my mental digestive system can only take so much cotton candy before it begins to cry out for a good solid protein. 

I think I hear that biography of Eudora Welty I purchased a while back calling me.

But I’m so comfortable here in my chair, and if I were to get up and fetch it, I would have to disturb Magic who’s curled so comfortably on the hassock at my feet.  Not to mention Molly, who is tucked in here beside me in the big green chair.

Hmm, perhaps a little more cotton candy won’t hurt.

Now tell me, what sweet concoctions have you read lately?


10 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon-Snowed In

  1. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that it’s good to have a healthy mix of quality literary work and fluff in my reading. The fluff gives me a chance to recover from some of the heavier books I read.

    And an afternoon curled up with something fluffy while you stay warm sounds just about perfect. Hope you enjoy your day!

  2. I own that Eudora Welty biography too…It’s been sitting on my nightstand for a few years now (along with many other books), waiting for me to get to it. I suppose I haven’t been feeling learned enough for it!

    Here’s a sweet concoction I’m about to read: “The Shack”. Have you heard of this one? I guess it’s making the word-of-mouth rounds the way “The Celestine Prophecy” did years ago. It’s a spiritual kind of novel — a feel-good inspirational story. I think. I figured it would be good for me, given this time of year. We’ll see!

    If I don’t like it, I’ve always got “The Art of Racing the Rain” by Garth Stein — a novel written from a DOG’S point of view! 🙂

  3. You sound very cozy! A few weeks back I reread Jilly Cooper’s Riders, which was even better the second time around, I think. It was her best novel ever due to the fabulous plotting. I didn’t realise it was close on 1,000 pages, but I never noticed them go by. That’s the sign of good trash!

  4. Yes, it’s funny, isn’t it, how our minds seem to know when we’ve had enough of one particular type of reading and are in need of something else. Years ago, when I used to go away for a week as soon as school broke up for the summer I always too fairly mindless crime novels with me because by the time term was over that was all I thought I was going to manage. I would usually get through then at the rate of about one a day and by the time it go round to Thursday I was sated and desperate for something with a bit more substance. I wish my stomach had that same ability to know when it’s had too much sugar and stodge!

  5. If you read your Eurdora Welty biography, I’ll re-read The Optimist’s Daughter, something I’ve been meaning to do…. And then I’ll be more informed this time around, for having learned more about Welty (about which I know some but never enough) from you.

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