A Whole Lotta Books


I’m getting shivers just now imagining all the children who will be holding brand new books in their hands this Christmas.

Thanks to those of you who pledged to buy books for children in your life, I just donated $100  to First Book.  And because Random House is matching all donations until December 31, 2008, that means together we donated $200  to First Book. 

Guess how many little ones from low income families will be getting books?

(gets calculator and punches buttons furiously)




And the (chosen at random) winner of the $25 gift certificate from Barnes and Noble is : Dawn!  (She Is Too Fond of Books).  This is very appropriate, because Dawn created the team at First Book to collect donations for the holiday season.   So if you’d like to get even more books into kids hands this season, click to our team page and join the group!  It costs First Book only $2.50 to get a book for a child, so for the price of a grande latte, you can give a lasting gift to a future ravenous reader 🙂

I’m so pleased with the outcome of this effort.  It’s made my Monday!

Happy reading.


7 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Books

  1. What a wonderful cause! Over here my son’s school has been involved in sending shoeboxes of gifts to children who wouldn’t otherwise get any at Christmas and I’m always sorry I can’t put books in. But because they are often going to non-English speakers, it’s not possible. This sounds like a fabulous charity.

  2. Becca – thank you so much for your efforst and your commitment to “buying books for the holidays!”. Wow, your generous donation to First Book will go far!!

    and I’m the lucky winner of your gift card … that puts an extra smile on my face today – thanks!!

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