Float Like A Butterfly…

untitled Who doesn’t love to get awards?  I’ve been lucky enough to get two this week, and I’m definitely floating on air.  


     This Butterfly Award  from Megan…





                     and the Marie Antoinette award for inspiration  from Jeanie…


I adore having such wondeful friends!

And the best part is passing along the award to other’s who inspire me…

there are SO MANY of you, I don’t think you could possibly know what an honor it is for me to read and share this corner of the virtual world with such creative, supportive, innovative friends and writers.  

These are just some of the people I most admire in this blogging world…



Beth Kephart

Lisa’s Words at Play 



Sandi Khan Shelton


So Many Books



If you’ve not met these wondeful writers, stop in and say hello.  You’ll be so pleased that you did.


8 thoughts on “Float Like A Butterfly…

  1. Oh thank you so much! It’s an honour to be mentioned on your site! And I can see several blogs in the list that are new to me and that I’ll be checking out now. Congratulations on your awards, Becca, richly deserved.

  2. My goodness! Thank you, Becca.

    I went away for 24 hours, and the whole world seemed to implode upon my arrival home (client pressures). And so you don’t yet know how much I appreciate the comments you recently left on my blog.

    But I do.

    You deserve all the awards you get, Lady.

  3. What a lovely surprise coming back and landing on your site and then to note that you have included me in your list. You deserve all the awards that come along as you are a great inspiration to many of us. Well done – AND I very much appreciate your regular visits and support!

  4. Dear B,
    Just found this entry (for some reason, honestly, do I even know my way out of the so-called wet paper bag?) and I am incredibly belated for saying so, but THANK YOU, for this mention in your blog. It is the third weekend in Feb already as I write this!!!

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