Bookstack Bounty

P1010145Today’s mail brought a bounty of books, courtesy of  Claire and her wonderful giveaway in honor of National Poetry Month (sponsored by Hachette Books).  I rarely win anything, much less such a wonderful bookstack, so I was thrilled beyond measure.

The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson is particularly appropriate, considering my current read is Afternoons With Emily, a novel by Rose McMurray, which tells the (fictionalized) account of a young woman who spent her childhood afternoon visiting Emily Dickinson.

 The Poet’s Corner is an annotated compliation of favorite verse selected by John Lithgow, and as a bonus, contains a CD of the actor reading some of the poems.  It’s true, poetry takes on a completely different edge when read aloud, and I can’t wait to give these a listen.

Also included were Pablo Neruda’s Odes to Common Things, which are all new poems for me (but I can tell I’m going to love them), The 100 Best Poems of All Time, and Revolution on Canvas, Poetry from the Indie Music Scene.

Now I leave you with this poem from American Primitive, Mary Oliver’s Pulitzer Prize winning collection, a perfect fit for this damp, May night ~


I lift my face to the pale flowers

of the rain.  They’re soft as linen,

clean as holy water.  Meanwhile

my dog runs off, noses down packed leaves

into damp, mysterious tunnels.

He says the smells are rising now

stiff and lively; he says the beasts

are waking up now full of oil,

sleep sweat, tag-ends of dreams.  The rain

rubs its shining hands all over me.

My dog returns and barks fiercely, he says

each secret body is the richest advisor,

deep in the black earth such fuming

nuggets of joy!


14 thoughts on “Bookstack Bounty

  1. This is rich, Becca. This is wondrous. I adore Mary Oliver. Doesn’t she make it look easy (the true professional’s magic – to make it all look easy). Thanks for including the poem.
    But I have to say, I love the picture and studied the book. What a wonderful thing to win and so glad you did! Egads, a stac of books.
    You have to admit, we’re as drawn to the aesthetic experience of looking at and holding a book as we are to reading the treasures within.

    Enjoy! enjoy! enjoy! (and oh, yes, share any of it with us; it re-ignites our need and desire to become immersed in poetry.)

  2. Oh, I hope you review Afternoons with Emily, sounds good. Only discovered Dickinson’s poetry a few years ago and I think she’s brilliant.

  3. What a wonderful stack of books – have a great time this weekend enjoying them. If your weather is anything like what we have here, this is the ideal time of the year to curl up inside and mull over poetry, hoping that it will be real spring soon! Enjoy!

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