Booking Through Thursday – Like New Again

btt2What book would you love to be able to read again for the first time?


I was so young the first time –  too young really – for I couldn’t quite process the cascading emotions flooding my heart and soul.  So many sensations compacted in those few hours together – nervous excitement, eager anticipation, utter satisfaction.  It was a stunning revelation, being in the presence of such great creativity and imagination.  The experience touched me deeply, and from that day forward, I would hold all others to this penultimate standard.

Alas, I fear I missed a lot that first time, and I now realize that a 13 year old hasn’t the maturity required for a relationship like that.  By the end of it,  I was distraught, and nightmares would disturb my sleep for weeks. 

I’ve often thought about trying it again, going back to that hallowed ground and reliving those exciting moments with Scarlett and Rhett, Melanie and Ashley.   After all these years, would it be nearly as exciting?  Would I again be so completely captivated by the love story or  so heartbroken at the loss of love? Would the horrifying  destruction of war disturb my sleep once again?

Or would it be just another long novel, and all those exciting first memories simply be Gone With the Wind?


9 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday – Like New Again

  1. Now, I’d like to read this book, but I wonder whether I am too old for it? Sometimes I think books are destined for a certain moment in a person’s life and it’s possible to miss the boat.

    Delightful post, Becca!

  2. I’ve seen the film, but not read the book. I got tired of it before the end – maybe I’d enjoy the book more.

    It’s always a risk re-reading a book you loved the first time you read it, but recently I’ve re-read Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights and even though I knew the stories the writing was just as enjoyable this time round, but I didn’t get the same thrill of discovering what happens. Maybe you wouldn’t be as captivated or heartbroken – that would be a shame!

  3. I think you’d still love Gone with the Wind. I even think you’d love it even more now, as you’ll be able to see more than what you did. I was very impressed with this book, as it isn’t just the romance and the war that I expected. It’s a lot more layered and complex and substantial than that. I really enjoyed it on so many levels. You should give it another try. 🙂

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