All in the Family

Last night was a first in our family…the four of us (husband, son, daughter in law, and me, the ravenous reader) sat around after dinner discussing the books we’d been reading.

My son has always been quite a reader, but my husband and daughter in law have only recently come to enjoy reading as a regular pastime.   And so now we have an entire family of readers, vying over who has read the best book  and which movie was the most faithful to it’s novelistic origin (The Reader or Revolutionary Road). 

Because we live so far apart, there aren’t a lot of things the four of us can do together.  Now, whether it’s during the long summer days in Florida, or the cold winter ones in Michigan, we’re all sharing the pleasure of reading.

And that’s nice to know.

Now tell me, is reading a family affair at your house?


9 thoughts on “All in the Family

  1. My husband is a big reader, just like me. Reading was one of the things that brought us together. I don’t come from a family of readers though. My sister hardly touches a book in a year maybe. Let’s see how my daughter turns out. She’s only three now, but she makes up stories looking at the illustrations and reads out aloud. It’s a lot of fun to watch her.

  2. How I wish we were all readers! My son used to love me reading to him, and I did so up until he was about 12. But then he was too old for it really, and now he never reads novels. But he will listen to audio books with me sometimes. My husband does read, but not that often. Still, I guess I do read enough for three people!

  3. What a nice evening, Becca! Everyone in our house loves books though there is quite a range of taste, which makes it more interesting. My younger dtr still prefers being read to, but she is still just in grade 2.

  4. My oldest daughter (19) and I talk about books a lot, and now one of my 16 year old twins is joining in! My husband reads mostly history, and the other twin never reads just for fun…but I’m still hoping.

    It sounds like you all had a lovely evening!

  5. Oh, it would be a gorgeous thing to sit and read and talk books. But alas that doesn’t happen here. Years ago, when my son was small, it did. Now the conversation goes on with all of you.

  6. Not all that long ago (how quickly time passes), small feet would come running into my bedroom, and a book would be slammed on my stomach, “Mom! You must read this–it’s the best book EVER!” Now the feet are in college and, like Beth above, I get the enthusiastic recommendations from all of you. Other than LOTR and the Harry Potter books, I don’t think Mr. and I have read any of the same books…very few, anyhow.

  7. Heck yeah. Growing up, my mom had to tell all of us kids to put down our books at the dinner table. My siblings and I are all very different but we all have a love of reading in common. It just goes to show that reading to your kids at a young age is so important!

  8. How exciting! Reading is a family affair at our house too. I remember when my two teens were young dreaming about the day all three of us would loll around the living room each lost in our own book. Now, thanks to not having cable tv, that dream has come true!

  9. I wish more people in my family were readers! My son used to be but now that he is a teenager he only reads what he has to for school. I got tired of being the only one in my family who reads on a regular basis and started a book club with some of my close women friends as well as some ladies from my office. We’ve had the club for 10 years now! It’s nice to be surrounded by readers at home and in cyberspace!

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