The Sunday Salon -Blooming

PICT0149 Flowers – they’re everywhere, in glorious profusion…the thought of them distracts me when I’m driving, when I’m walking, and when I’m shopping, pulling my eye away from the mundane fruits and vegetables to the burgeoning blossoms in the garden center attached to my favorite market.

I have two new garden areas at my house, one started last year, and so this spring is in its first real flower.  The other is a brand new space, 40 feet of dark, rich soil, where the morning sun illuminates the northern corner and cool shade takes over the south end.   I’m collecting perennials – iris, astilbe, fern, delphinium, day lilies, hostas, bleeding heart, and a large butterfly bush.   Every day, I go out and rearrange the pots, setting them here and there, stepping back to look, and then jumping in to re-arrange once more.  I realize how much more I need – a bit more yellow here, some white over there, and always green, dark and luscious against the black mulch.

It’s a bit like writing, I think, this flowering business, and perhaps that is why so many writers and poets are also gardeners.  Choosing just the right plant for the right spot in your garden, clearing out thickets and weeds, deadheading to inspire new growth – all reminiscent of the writing process itself.  Words  bloom with proper care, and leave lovely lasting impressions on the senses, just like a beautiful garden.

I have lots to read for the week ahead…Cutting Stone, Prayers for Sale, and Conscience Point are coming near the top of the stack.  I’ll be finishing Undercover today, I think, as I awoke at 4:30 this morning, and simply powered right through this great young adult novel by Beth Kephart.

But now, I’m off to play in my garden again.

What’s growing in your reading garden this week?


11 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon -Blooming

  1. 40 feet of rich soil with perfect light! Have lucky you are. I find gardening to be like writing and like painting, choosing the right color and shape for the right spot. Have fun!

  2. I have grown to love gardening, too- and I do feel like it’s very creative! Right now gardening is taking up more time in my day than reading.

  3. There aren’t many activities outside that can bring a sense of serenity, but gardening is one of them. Nothing like a day in the dirt — and some satisfying results — to make me relax.

  4. How funny we should both post about our gardens this weekend! But then again, probably not, given the season. Your pots look splendid and I wish I had your soil. Mine is full of builder’s rubble and not particularly rich.

  5. I love your Sunday Salons. They’re so descriptive and thoughtful.

    I’m thinking of starting a vegetable garden. I’ve been trying to eat more organic produce but it’s so expensive!

  6. lovely picture. and how cool that you go out and rearrange – I completely get that. And have you noticed how the plants look large and lush and big when you see them at the store and then you take them home, and what? they are small. You need lots and lots and lots of them, right?
    love that you compared gardening to writing. I think you have yourself the basis for an excellent essay there, Becca.
    Happy summer? oh, yeah, now reading OLD SCHOOL by Tobias Wolfe. Geez, he’s good.

  7. I’m right there with you. I’ve definitely got the gardening bug (not pun intended). We have a rather drab looking patio here at our condo, but once we started various baskets, got some impatiens in the ground, some wandering Jew here and there, petunias, daisies, a mandevilla, everything looks SO MUCH BETTER! We can’t get enough of our crappy little patio now.

  8. I’m wondering about the “growing demand” for E-books. Who is reading them? My first novel has just been released, and there has been much emphasis from the marketing department about making it available online. Going online is not like browsing in a bookstore. There are keyword seraches and information about books customers also bought, but I’m wondering what other techniques readers use to browse sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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