Nothing But Ghosts and Everything Austen

NothingButGhosts_HC_cA real perk of blogging about all things bookish has been the opportunity to meet new writers, to learn more about their writing process, and share in the joys of their success.  One of my favorite authors/bloggers,Beth Kephart, has a new book, Nothing But Ghosts, being ushered into the world this week. 

Luminous– that’s the word which always comes to mind when I read Beth’s writing, whether it’s in her books or her daily blog posts.  It’s like a Debussy prelude on the piano, or a Monet watercolor ~ imbued with delicate,  intricate passion.   She encourages me to look at the world more closely, to see past the surface of people and things into the deepest part of their existence.  To look for the beauty, even when it’s sometimes hidden so deeply. 

If you don’t know Beth, now would be a good time to meet her.   As Nothing But Ghosts  makes it’s debut, there are numerous virtual events to celebrate it’s release.  Visit her blog, read her interview at Presenting Lenore, attend the book party on June 30, hosted by My Friend Amy.  Get hold of a copy of Nothing But Ghosts and lose yourself in her beautiful writing. 

Of course, some of my favorite writers were well before the time of book blogging.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t Austencelebrate them in cyberspace.  Stephanie, of The Written Word, is hosting an Everything Austen Challenge– that’s Jane Austen, of course.  To participate, simply choose six Austen-themed books or movies to read/watch in the next six months.  

While I rarely participate in challenges, this just seems like too much fun to pass up.  I’ve read each of the Austen novels more than once, but I’ve chosen to read Sense and Sensibility again, and watch the movie adaptation with Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet.  I believe I even have the movie’s soundtrack on CD somewhere to listen to while I’m reading <smiles>.   I’ll also be reading The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen, which has been languishing on my TBR pile for some time, and I plan to watch Lost in Austen, a British TV miniseries which looks like great fun.  For some time, I’ve intended to read Stephanie Barron’s series of mysteries with Jane as Detective, and this is the perfect time to read the first, Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor.  Finally, Jane Austen Ruined My Life, a novel by Beth Pattilo.

So many wonderful new reading opportunities…aren’t books grand?

22 thoughts on “Nothing But Ghosts and Everything Austen

  1. hey! Thanks for linking to the interview with Beth. She continually amazes me with her gift for words.

    The Austen challenge does sound like a fun one. Though I’m anti-challenge (because I am so bad at them), I might have to participate unofficially.

  2. Oh, no…an Everything Austen Challenge?! I was just feeling ‘over-challenged’, but this one looks too good to pass by!
    Beth Kephart’s book sounds good, too. I’ve bookmarked her blog to check out later.

    • I don’t often do challenges either, but since it’s summer and it’s Austen, I’ll try it.

      Do visit Beth’s blog ~ she’s a wonderful writer!

  3. I’ll definitely check out the interview with Beth. I just took a peek at the synopsis of her book and want to know more!

    Have fun with the Austen challenge!

  4. I keep seeing Beth’s name here and at Lilian’s blog and I’m interested in her experiences of being a creative woman with a child who needs her care and attention, so I will definitely check out her work. And have fun with Austen!

    • I think you’d find her perspective very interesting. She wrote memoir some years ago about her experience as a parent. It’s called A Slant of Sun, and was nominated for a National Book Award.

  5. I’ll definitely look for Beth’s new book! I’ve heard great things about her and look forward to adding her to the ol’ TBR stack!

    Good luck on the Austen challenge! I’m so excited about it. I guess I don’t really need another excuse to make my way through anything Austen related, but this will be great. I loved The Lost Memoirs Of Jane Austen — definitely one of my favorite Jane inspired works!

  6. Thanks for the introduction to a new author. I love discovering new authors. One of my favorite books from last year was Speaking of Love by Angela Young. I learned about her and her book through the book blogging community. She has finished her second book, but I don’t think it’ll be published for a while.

    • Thank you for a recommendation on another new author. I love finding new writers through blogging that don’t get the mainstream publicity.

      And aren’t all librarians glamorous 😉

  7. O.K., I went to Amazon and looked at the Booklist review and discovered that there is a glamorous librarian in this book. I have to get it now. It’s not often that we’re portrayed as glamorous.

  8. “…delicate, intricate passion.” Sold! Off to investigate Ms. Kephart’s blog, and her book. Best of luck with the Austen challenge (I loved the movie version of S&S but haven’t read the book…yet)–and thank you!!

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