Booking Through Thursday?

btt2    What’s the funniest book you’ve read recently?


Funny you should ask. 

Truth is, after thinking about this question, I realized I never read humorous books.  In fact, looking over my reading list for the year, my tastes run decidedly to the dark side.  Or at least what one might call the dramatic  side, what with my penchant for historical novels and psychological thrillers and tales that explore the deepest recesses of the psyche.

To remedy that situation, I picked up the nearest thing to a humorous book I could find in my TBR pile ~ it landed on my doorstep Monday afternoon, a review copy of  Mercury in Retrograde, by Paula Froelich.  Perhaps  this slick novel about three young and single Manhattan-ites isn’t exactly what some would call funny, but I am  smiling a lot more while reading it than I  have been during some of my other recent reads.   After all, who can help but smile after reading passages like this…

Last year, Penelope even tried, which had introduced her to Tony, a balding energy trader who had an annoying penchant for high-fiving everyone within earshot every time he made what he thought was an interesting comment (“Yo, that dude looks like a lady – high five!” or “Duke guys do it best – high five!”).  After high-fiving a guy, he would usually follow it up with a belly bump, a move Penelope referred to as the “sumo.”

Their first date have been woeful, but Penelope had decided to give Tony another chance as he promised he’d take her to Da Silvano, a trendy and pricey restaurant that she couldn’t afford.  He’d lied.  Instead, Tony had taken her to a sports bar in Midtown to watch the Yankees beat the Red Sox, where he’s gotten so excited, he’d not only high-fived her, he’d sumoed her and Penelope flew halfway across the room and landed on her ass.  She’d called it quits after that, fearing permanent sumo-inflicted damage.

Mercury in Retrograde  is a fun, fast paced, Sex and the City  style read, and it’s been a great diversion from my own rather grim reality lately. 

 Perhaps I should read “funny” books more often.


18 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday?

  1. Oh, Becca–I love the intelligent things you have to say about books. I feel the same way about humorous books–they’re not the ones I gravitate toward, but I love humorous dialogue and really do feel that life is basically kind of funny. It’s just that when an author is trying too hard to make me laugh, I find myself recoiling. But how nice to find a book that has humorous characters.

    I always love your reviews!

  2. I just finished a week ago The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews. Like you I don’t read humorous. But I found myself laughing out load. It was just published two months ago. It made me feel good and was a good pick me upper. FYI Carolina Gal’s Literary Cafe

  3. The book sounds charming! I do love dramatic fiction, but I have a soft spot for narratives that make me laugh. Try E F Benson one of these days – his Mapp and Lucia novels are wonderful for banishing the blues and making a person feel at one with the world again. Oh and I also enjoy Elinor Lipman too, who is a reliably witty writer.

    • Litlove, you have quite a flair for humorous writing, whether you know it or not, (i.e., your recent holiday happenings post 😉

      I will look for EF Benson, too. And Elinor Lipman – yes, I like her work!

  4. What a great question, and how revealing about who we are as writers/readers. The last funny book I read was a friend’s manuscript; it really had me laughing. It had me realizing, too, that I need to add some chuckle to things.

  5. I’m not a great reader of humorous fiction either but I do enjoy both Lyndsey Davis and Janet Evanovich who write humorous crime fiction. I suppose it takes the edge of the violence.

  6. Becca, so sorry for the grim reality you’re experiencing. Hope you are surrounded by comfort. There’s something tough about this summer, Iv’e noticed, overall, and not sure what it is but wish everyone, absolutely everyone could have some time off.
    Hey, I don’t think I read funny books either but I have to agree with Joann – Ephron’s “NECK” book is wonderful I think because she’s an experienced writer and also has a lot of real life to talk about. Hope you find and enjoy it!

  7. Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 is absolutely HILARIOUS.

    My literary tastes tend to be on the “dark” side too. I’m in the middle of Roberto Bolano’s 2666 right now and I love it!

  8. I tend to read more serious books too, but a lighter read is definitely in order sometimes. Speaking of, I need to find myself a funnier book soon, because post-apocalyptic fiction and a book about abuse is getting me really down!

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