The Sunday Salon: Melt Down

It’s been the kind of day I usually dream about during the height of my “busy season,” (aka the school/musical year)  a day with no demands on my time or my presence, with no responsibilities other than providing food and drink for us and the dogs, a day begging to be frittered away in pursuit of leisurely past-times. 

Which is just the way I’ve been spending it, stretched out on the bed, the ceiling fan whirring gently overhead, finishing Careless in Red, the latest in the Inspector Lynley series of mystery novels by Elizabeth George.   I have to admit, I was quite incensed with the outcome of the last Lynley novel (if you’re a reader of this series, you’ll understand why)- so much so that I couldn’t even bring myself to read its follow up (What Came Before He Shot Her).  But I’m happy to be back on the patch with Lynley, who is one of my all time favorite detectives.

  It’s taken me an entire week to read Careless in Red,  mostly because the week was completely consumed with work, and the kind of labor with which I’m totally unfamiliar.   You see, we were in Florida all last week, cleaning and painting the rental property we own to prepare it for new tenants,  and we worked literally from dawn to dusk every day.  I suppose I shouldn’t be amazed at the amount of dirt a family of four can create – nevertheless, I was unprepared for the layers of black grease and grime on everything (including the beautiful white wooden doors throughout the house), stains and spills on the carpet (which we completely replaced), and holes in the plaster, which the previous tenants left behind.  By the end of every day, I was too tired to read much, and often fell asleep before turning even one page.

So it was a relief to come home to Michigan, although the heat and humidity of Florida seems to have followed me here.  But the hot day gave me another good excuse to lollygag around in cool, air conditioned comfort.   I’ve allowed myself the luxury of a melt down, and I mean that in a good way…a way of relaxing down to my essence, to just the barest,  limpid puddle of me.  From there, I hope to reconstitute my molecular structure and return to solid ground on the morrow. <smile>

As for Inspector Lynley, I’ve now put his latest adventure to rest and I’m off to my TBR pile to choose something new.    I plan to pour myself a cold glass of wine, put on my most comfy sundress, and stretch out on the couch to read (at least until it’s time to watch Army Wives).

Isn’t that a delightful prospect?

Now tell me, how have  you spent your Sunday…languidly and leisurely, I hope!


8 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon: Melt Down

  1. I hope you enjoyed a deservedly lazy Sunday!

    I’ve always wondered about rental/investment property. It must be disheartening to see your home abused! I hope the new tenants treat it with more respect.

  2. Reading today! We’ve been busy the last two weekends, and I am now on holiday, so today has been my catch-up in the blog world (I am sadly behind) and read, going back and forth between the two. A wonderful day. I need more like this!!!

    And I have What Came Before He Shot Her, but I don’t want the character to die, so I’m having trouble reading it. Plus it starts off so slowly!!!

  3. I’ve had that sort of weekend as well. Normally I busy catching up with friends or doing jobs that should have been done during the week, but this time round I’ve just had two days walking and reading and pottering around in some very good weather. I couldn’t read ‘What came Before He shot Her’ either. I did try, but I got nowhere with it. However, a friend I had lunch with last week, who works with children like those described in the book, had just finished it and she said that it was absolutely spot on in the manner in which it portrayed them.

  4. It is amazing how dirty places get. My room in college was cleaned regularly, and yet when I came to move, the amount of grime was surprising. It gets into all the nooks and crannies that don’t get moved about very often. So if a family of four didn’t do much cleaning…. well, I have a vivid image in my mind of what you’ve been facing! I’m so glad that’s all behind you now and you have more than one day of lollygagging!

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