Teaser Tuesday~With a Twist

teasertuesdays31In a slight twist to the Teaser Tuesday meme, where readers are invited to pick up their current read, turn to a certain page, and share a random paragraph, I  like to take a moment on Tuesdays and share a meaningful passage from the book that’s currently propped open on my bedside table.

Psychological suspense thrillers aren’t known for the kinds of meaningful passages I like to share with you, so I thought I might be hard pressed to find something from Hurting Distance, by Sophie Hannah.   But lo and behold, the very last sentences of the book grabbed my heartstrings.

He leaned over and ran his fingers across the sundial’s smooth stone surface.  “I’d chosen my motto, you know, for the sundial I wanted. Depresso resurgo.”

“Sounds a bit depressing,” said Charlie.

“It isn’t.  You don’t know what it means.”

How could she not ask, with him sitting there like a schoolboy who’d done his homework, evidently so eager to tell her? “Well?”

He gulped down the remains of his tea.  “I set, then rise again,” he said, keeping his eyes on Charlie as he lifted the wet bag out of the cup with his spoon.  He held it up, a gesture of triumph.  “I set, then rise again.”

Appropriate, really, as I sit here in the quiet morning, the room growing incrementally brighter with the sun’s rising. Appropriate as well for the sense of renewal I’ve just begun to feel, a sense that a long period of sadness in my life may be coming to an end, a tingling of hopefulness for good things waiting in my future.  For certainly, like the sun, there are times in the course of  our trajectory that we dwell in shadow.  Inevitably, if we stay strong, the shadow can be pierced through, and we can rise again.

Depresso resurgo, my friends.

Depresso resurgo.


6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday~With a Twist

  1. How lovely. It makes me think of a poem that contains the line ‘I rise, I rise’ as a refrain. I don’t have the book here with me, but it was by Maya Angelou or Alice Walker, I think. Very inspiring.

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