Connections, Inc.

Here’s what I love about the world of books ~ how reading connects us so surprisingly.  And so today, at lunch on a quiet Friday in my office, as I’m sitting in our little lunchroom reading Too Much Happiness, Alice Munroe’s latest collection of short stories, my boss happens to walk by.

“I just started that,” she said, this business owner, this nurse, this woman who pulls no punches with clients who are brain injured, drug addicted, paralyzed.  “Have you read Child’s Play yet?  It will chill you to the bone…”

And so we paused in the midst of a regular work day and lost ourselves for a moment in a shared affinity for Alice Munroe, and short stories, and books in general.  For a moment, my world’s conveged, spinning on a bookish axis.

Connections, Inc. brought to you by ~ books.


8 thoughts on “Connections, Inc.

  1. You’re lucky your boss reads! I’m not sure I can say the same, however, I do agree that reading connects. When one happens to find another reader. (Glad I found you!)

  2. I loved that ‘spinning on a bookish axis’ connection. I rarely meet readers at work but one of my colleagues shares my liking for Anne Proulx novels and once a young doctor I was training spotted my Jane Austen book bag and said how much she loved Austen and we shared a conversation about Austen. Magical.

  3. “Spinning on a bookish axis”–what a lovely turn of phrase! Sometimes the power of words (and the appreciation of them) is truly incredible.

    Very happy I came upon your blog! I look forward to reading more.

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