The Sunday Salon

A mixed  blessing, waking at 4:30 a.m. and having the mind start roiling with thoughts ~those woulda,coulda, shoulda thoughts that roughly agitate the  brain like my old Maytag washing machine.   Finally, to escape this disturbance, I throw back the covers and crawl out of the over-warm bed, step into slippers and sweater, and stumble into the cold house. 

Now comes the blessing part, the part where I switch on the Christmas tree and light the candles on the mantel.  The part where a room chilled by night silence and winter wind suddenly comes aglow with golden light.  The part where coffee burbles into a clean pot, it’s rich brown scent wafting from the kitchen.  The part where a big overstuffed chair becomes mine to curl up in, a soft blanket pulled over my shoulders.

What does this have to do with books? you might ask, this gift of an early Sunday morning when no one else is awake.

Well, the book is the biggest blessing of all, in these early hours when the mind is wont to travel to places where nothing but worry and fear and unease usually reside.  The book gently takes me by the hand and pulls me away from all that, entices me with tales of  other women who face sadness, betrayal, disappointment, all the emotional ups and downs of an ordinary life.  Once again, I marvel at this gift of being able to write, to create other-worlds which allow people like me to escape for a moment into another person’s reality, this writerly gift of illuminating life and love and being with a unique warm and golden glow.


13 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon

  1. What a lovely post! I felt much the same this morning as I looked at the Christmas tree that had remained lit all night. So beautiful, and thanks to the excessive size and number of lights on the tree, I think I will actually be able to read by it this year without other lights on. Happy reading in that golden glow!

  2. Early morning reader is such a pleasure, isn’t it? It’s like stolen time because at that particular hour, there is nothing else one should be doing.

  3. Such a beautiful post. Although I’m not a morning person by nature, those times that I awaken early when the house is still are to be treasured. I loved the image of you bringing in the warmth and glow, the blessings as you said.

    My father calls that kind of restless thinking “Monkey Brain”, where your mind jumps from pillar to post, and I wish that all away for you, that you would be resting in peace and beauty unscathed by sorrows.


  4. How lovely – and books are just wonderful at altering one’s mind set and giving us hope, distraction, entertainment and enlightenment. I am continually grateful to them for that! And Munroe is fantastic.

  5. Beautiful post. “The gift of an early Sunday morning when no one else is awake.” Rare and precious–just like Munro’s stories…Thank you.

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