Novel Tea

Afternoon (Novel) TeaAlthough coffee is ususally my hot beverage of choice, there are times when nothing but a good ‘cuppa tea will do.  Often about three in the afternoon I find myself craving tea, and if I’m home I’ll brew some and pour it into a pretty china cup and saucer.  (Tea seems to taste better in a cup and saucer, don’t you think?)  Then I’ll  curl up in my cozy chair with tea and novel to enjoy a respite from the busyness of my day.

So I’m just loving the Novel Teas from Bag Ladies Teas I received the other day…delicious English Breakfast teabags with “literary quotes” on each individual tag.  Clever, fun, and good full bodied tea flavor as well.  The perfect accompaniment to my afternoon novel/teatime.

Speaking of which, it’s about that time…I’m off to set the kettle brewing.


9 thoughts on “Novel Tea

  1. Tea goes so well with a good book, and those particular teas sound like all kinds of fun!

    I wanted you to know that I’ve linked to you on my “blogs I enjoy” page over at, the blog I’m writing about my novel-in-progress.

    I hope you enjoyed your afternoon teatime! 🙂

  2. In our house tea hour is four o’ clock and it just has to be served from a china teapot into china cups and saucers. You are so right – the taste is entirely different. Of course, it also has to be good quality leaf tea – The Bears are very particular. I just wish that at some point we might be able to share that pot of tea. I’m sure we could compromise at 3.30.

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