Striking Sentences

Don’t you just love when you’re reading along in your top-‘o-the-stack book and a sentence jumps out at you – a sentence that makes you say “Aha!” or “Yes!” or “Why didn’t I think of that before?”  Or you stumble across a sentence  so perfectly written it resounds in your heart strings for days? 

Each Saturday I’ll be celebrating those Striking Sentences, the ones that pierce the soul with their wisdom or humor or craft.  If you’d like to share a Strinking Sentence (or sentences) from your current read, post about them on your blog, tell us why they strike your heart, and leave a link in the comments here so we may come visit.  Perhaps what strikes your fancy, will also strike mine 🙂

There are changes afoot at my workplace, and not all of them are to my liking.  I know that sounds awfully spoiled brat-ish of me, especially since my office is such a nice place to work and my boss has been quite generous in allowing me the flexibility to work from home and change my scheduling.  At any rate, these changes have set me thinking a bit about whether it’s time to move on, and if so, to where.   While I’ve enjoyed this job, and am grateful for the many perks it has, I wouldn’t necessarily consider it the epitome of my calling in life.    So this sentence from An Outrageous Affair, by Penny Vincenzi, struck at the heart of my thoughts this week.

Fleur felt as if she had died and gone straight to heaven in her first weeks at Silk diMaggio (an advertising agency); she was in a state of total enchantment from the moment she walked through the door in the morning until she had to be dragged out of it at night.  She sensed an instinct in herself about advertising; she could see how it worked and why; she felt serene in what she was doing, and she felt at home.  She had a sense of being absolutely in the right place, that she had been born to do what she was doing.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Now tell me, do you feel as if you were born to do what you’re doing?  And if not, what were you born to do?


8 thoughts on “Striking Sentences

  1. What a wonderful idea. I often come across such sentences when reading, and it makes me love whatever I am reading when the writer can say something in just the right way, and love to share them … usually with my eternally tolerant family.
    I think finding a job that you feel is ‘what you were meant to do’ is one of the hardest things in life. I certainly wish I could. Being a mum was my perfect profession for many years but now I am a postlady, just a job, I like it but I feel an underlying dissatisfaction.
    thanks for sharing

  2. Beautiful idea. I’m joining every saturday then.

    That’s a nice sentence, indeed. Something fate for someone. As of now, I still don’t know where, what and who I’m fated for. I’m still young!

    Here’s mine.

  3. That is a great sentiment.

    The life that I live now is very close to what I described (and was laughed at by family) when I was 15.

    It took a long time and a lot of twists and turns to come here, where there are moments of perfection, and moments of fright and frustration, but it’s right.

  4. You are so fancy with this specialized image and everything…

    Now I have to go find a sufficiently powerful sentence. I’m not sure if my client white papers will have such a thing, so I’m going to open the new Kingsolver, see what is there.

  5. What a lovely sentence! I don’t know about being born to do something, although it is a delightful idea, and possibly quite true for some people. I wonder if what we are born to do is a verb – to try, for instance, or to struggle, or to bring warmth to others. Or perhaps it’s just to adapt, or make the most of what we have as circumstances change. I’d like to have been born to do that one.

  6. I am convinced that you are born to be good at certain skills. For example, my aunt was an attorney and I majored in Criminal Justice in college, and work in a law firm. My father worked as an “Executive Organizer” (which means he told the company where to build new plants and who should work there and what they should be doing). The part of my job in the law firm that I excel at is administration and organization. My ideal job would be combining secretarial/administration/organization with my love of books.

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