Striking Sentences

Don’t you just  love when you’re reading along in your top-’o-the-stack book and a sentence jumps out at you – a sentence that makes you say “Aha!” or “Yes!” or “Why didn’t I think of that before?”  Or you stumble across a sentence  so perfectly written it resounds in your heart strings for days? 

Each Saturday I’ll be celebrating those Striking Sentences, the ones that pierce the soul with their wisdom or humor or craft.  If you’d like to share a Strinking Sentence (or sentences) from your current read, post about them on your blog, tell us why they strike your heart, and leave a link in the comments here so we may come visit.  Perhaps what strikes your fancy, will also strike mine.


How much she wanted it – that people should look pleased when she came in, Clarissa thought and turned and walked back towards Bond Street, annoyed, because it was silly to have other reasons for doing things.  Much rather would she have been one of those people like Richard who did things for themselves, whereas, she thought, waiting to cross, half the time she did things not simply for themselves; but to make people think this or that; perfect idiocy she knew for no one was ever for a second taken in.  ~ from Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf

Sometimes I wish I weren’s such a people pleaser, wish I didn’t care so much about the opinions and even the feelings of others.  Wish I could go blindly forward and do just what I wanted to do for a change, without caring about the world’s view.

Alas, I doubt I’ll ever change, but like Clarissa Dalloway will continue to lament my pitiful state and go on doing things to “make people think this or that.”

4 thoughts on “Striking Sentences

  1. This passage struck me too! I am quite like that as well, but also wish I wasn’t.

    This is a nice idea. I’ll be posting a few striking sentences on Monday when I write about my progress with Moby-Dick. I didn’t expect there were so many lovely passages in this whaling book!

  2. I sympathize, Becca. It’s hard to be a people pleaser, but maybe it’s the price to be paid for being a decent sort of person, someone with sympathy and kindness and a desire for others’ happiness, which I think is what underlies that and fills your life, too.

  3. Virginia Woolf dominates the blogworld this weekend – and good for her. I am a people pleaser, but I am trying to give it up a bit. I would have kept it up for longer if people weren’t so very hard to please, but I’m becoming a bit disillusioned about the amount of effort I put in and the results. So, at the moment I’m just reclusive! 🙂

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