The Sunday Salon~Mish-mash

Sunday is nearly over, and I haven’t much to say to explain my absence for the past entire week.  No Musing on Monday, no Booking Through Thursday, no Sentences Striking me yesterday.

It was a busy week, chock full of working and running errands and preparing for this week, which includes nothing except rest and relaxation and reading.  Indeed, I am on vacation (as of yesterday) spending the entirety of a week at our home in Florida with my friend (and reading partner).  We’re all stocked up with books, movies, snacks, beverages, and plenty ‘o sunshine to keep us company.

And now a quick confession….

after my diatribe a few weeks ago about these, I find myself dangerously close to coveting one.

My friend M. had one  tucked inside her purse on the plane.  Stored within it are 60 (!) novels which she can peruse at her pleasure during this week (and during her travels next month in Sunny Scottsdale, Arizona).  While I had to make an emergency trip to the library this afternoon.


Wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong.

And my birthday is coming up quite soon…

I hope your Sunday was delightful, and your week ahead brings many good words.

Happy reading, in whatever form you may choose <smiles>


7 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon~Mish-mash

  1. I understand what you are talking about. I have been lagging behind these past few weeks too though the difference is, I have been doing nothing but wait for the days to pass!

    I know the e-reader is tempting but I would not persuade you to buy it or not. You know very well that we readers love paper.

  2. Thanks for linking to your previous post on e-readers; it gave me a giggle. I must admit that I have been tempted by the e-readers lately, but I still can’t see myself spending that much money on a single-use device. I could buy a netbook for the price of a Kindle and get more use out of it.

  3. That is so funny, Becca. But I do think there is a place for them, and travelling is one of those! I’d wait until the platform settles. But then maybe you can just throw caution to the wind. I want one that you can order from any bookstore site on. Does the IPad do that? I don’t want one that the provider can delete from!

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