Almost Home

I’m in the midst of what I call March Madness, the musician’s version, which means musicals, choral festivals, and Easter.  My days are filled with melodies, rehearsal schedules, and performance notes, and what I’m looking for in my reading is a book that quickly captures my attention with an exciting, fast paced storyline and compelling characters.

Almost Home, Pam Jenoff’s latest suspense novel, does all that and more thank you very much.

Almost Home features Jordan Weiss, a Cambridge graduate who has assiduously avoided anything to do with the UK since the mysterious death of her boyfriend, fellow student and brilliant historian Jared Small, just days before their graduation.  In the years since Jared’s death, Jordan, now an American Foreign Services Officer,  has taken on one dangerous assignment after another in her resolute attempts to avoid dealing with her unresolved feelings.. 

But after she receives a letter informing her about the life threatening illness of  another of her school friends, Jordan feels compelled to return to Cambridge.  Upon her arrival, she’s immediately caught up in an intricate web of intrigue and danger that involves everyone from former classmates and friends to political figures and current colleagues.   As it turns out, there are many other powerful people who have a great interest in keeping Jordan and Jared’s past dead and buried.

Jenoff does an amazing job of weaving multiple storylines together while adding a dash of romance into the mix.  I also loved her descriptions of Cambridge, both during the episodes where she takes us back in time to Jordan’s college days, and the present day adventure.     Jenoff’s glimpse into the life of a Foreign Services officer is fascinating, and a unique premise for a series of suspense novels.  Jenoff herself is a Cambridge graduate, and has worked as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Army, and a State Department officer.  Her character, Jordan Weiss, is an interesting mix of strength, bravery, and feminine vulnerability.  I look forward to reading more about her in Jenoff’s next novel, Hidden Things, which is scheduled for publication in July, 2010.  And I’ve already added her previous novels (The Kommandant’s Girl,  The Diplomat’s Wife)to my TBR list, to help me make it through the rest of March madness.

****A guest post by Pam Jenoff will be featured here on Tuesday, March 16, 2010****


7 thoughts on “Almost Home

  1. Now I’d really like to read this. I’m interested in anything that is situated in Cambridge at the moment, and this sounds like a good novel, too. I will try and get hold of a copy.

  2. I’m glad to see that Pam Jenoff has written another book because I thoroughly enjoyed both The Kommandant’s Girl and The Diplomat’s Wife. They are both very involving reads and her research and feel for the atmosphere of the times they are set is impeccable.

    I look forward to reading her guest post on Tuesday!

  3. Things do seem interconnected here in the Blogosphere. Someone just recently reviewed this too and I am as interested as anybody reading its reviews!

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