Happy Hour

Life for the ravenous reader has been hectic and crazy for the past week…my cousins have been visiting from Dallas, plus I’ve been in rehearsal for a show which opened this weekend.  There’s been very little down time, and I’ve been crawling in the door about 10:30, ready to realax and unwind a bit before heading to bed and then starting all over the next day.  What helps me do that the most is a cold glass of Chardonnay and a good book – the kind with a story that makes you forget all the comings and goings in your own life and sink completely into the lives of the characters you’re reading about.

Michelle Scott’s  Happy Hour was just the ticket for me this week.  Set in the Napa Valley, it’s a tale of four women whose friendship centers around their involvement with the wine business.

Jamie, editor of a wine-lovers magazine and a single mother still mourning the death of her young husband; Kat, a sommelier, co-owns an upscale restaurant with her husband, a chef; Danielle, a vintner striking out on her own following a devastating divorce; and Alyssa, artist and gallery owner, who has a secret past which suddenly turns her present upside down.  The women meet on Sundays for “Happy Hour,” sharing wine, food, and the kind of nourishing wisdom and support only good friends can offer.  As they face challenges with relationships, health,  children, and aging parents, they rely on one another for that special kind of support which true friends provide so well.

I’m a sucker for stories about women’s frienships…I”ve been blessed with good friends of my own, and I know how valuable these connections can be, especially when achored by a common interest. For me and my friends, it’s music, and our shared experiences with rehearsals and performing bring us closer as individuals as well as musicians.

Scott’s writing is fresh and natural, her characters sympathetic and believable.   It’s been great to settle in with these gals after a long, hard day, and share  Happy Hour with them and their lives. 

Michelle Scott is also  the author of the Wine Lovers Mystery Series, set in Napa and featuring Niki Scott, as well as a series about horses.  She has written books for young adults, and has a new novel for adults (El Patron) recently in print.

Vist her website for more information about all of her work.


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