Me and My (e) Reader

Well, dear friends, I have succumbed. 

Hard to believe after the vehemence of this post, but I must confess I’ve seen the light.

It all started back in February, when my friend M. joined me for our annual girls week in Florida.  M.  travels extensively, and has been known to take so many books on her extended trips that she needs another suitcase just to haul them all.  So she purchased a Sony e-reader last year and has found it  immensely useful in her travels.  Obviously M. is as much of  a bookworm as I, and plenty of time on our trips is dedicated to reading.  So M. had her trusty e-reader loaded with books. 

And I, sadly, only had one.

Which I finished in short order, of course.

And then had to go buy another.

Which I didn’t like all that much.

So I went to the library.

Meanwhile, M. is clicking through In the Woods, The Help, and Wolf Hall, all without leaving her favorite deck chair on the lanai.


When I got home, (knowing my birthday was right around the corner )  I began dropping a few hints.  My dear husband is no fool, so on my birthday morning, guess what showed up?

Indeed –  my very own Sony E-Reader, in this lovely crimson red, complete with elegant leather case and built in light.

I’ve put it to good use this past week while we were traveling.  I finished the first book I downloaded, plus two I got from our library (yes, you can download free from the library, text and audio).  How nice it was last Sunday morning, when it was raining cats and dogs in Naples, to finish the last sentences of one book and just click onto the next without missing a beat.

Now don’t worry, I haven’t given up on the real thing.   Never, never, never, will I give up reading actual paper and ink books.  And there are  distinct disadvantages to the e-reader, related to the fact that two of my favorite places to read are near water (the bathtub and the beach) neither of which is conducive to expensive electronic devices.

But for long distance travel, for tucking into your purse when you head off to the doctor’s office or some other place where you anticipate time to read, it’s quite a handy little gadget.

Hopefully over the next few days, I’ll have time to tell you about all the reading I’ve been doing ~  “e” and otherwise <smiles>


10 thoughts on “Me and My (e) Reader

  1. Congratulations on your gift. It sounds like you are already enjoying the convenience of having one. I have a Kindle and when it comes to travel, it can’t be beat!

  2. This made me smile. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! I don’t have a reader but I’m not travelling much at the moment. If and when I do, maybe I’ll follow your example, Becca!

  3. Recently, the world has been persuading and convincing me to go with what’s new. And it’s been quite successful. I wasn’t interested in touch phones but now I’m asking for one! Next up might be an e-reader too. Scary!

  4. I wish I could play with an eReader a bit. I kind of like the idea and kind of think it’d just be another way for me to spend loads of money on books which I would then lose if my ereader ever broke, or people changed their minds about proprietary formats, or anything like that. But they do look rather lovely…

  5. I’m with you: never, never, never will I give up the real thing. But, to have the convenience of an e-book must be a lovely option. What a wonderful husband you have, to buy you such a complete and perfect model (much like mine who bought my laptop for Christmas. In crimson, too, of course!).

    Have a very blessed Easter, my new ravenous reading friend.

  6. You’ve just succumbed to marketing impalement. And have helped sound another note in the death knell of independent bookstores. Sorry, just gotta vent here.

  7. I’ve been thinking of buying this model eReader, but have seen quite a few negative reviews about excessive glare on the screen, and the contrast between background and text not being as sharp as some of the earlier model Sonys. I’m wondering how you find it? Any problems with glare in certain light? These eReaders are not on sale in Australia in stores, so I can’t go along and try one out for myself. As for eReaders sounding the death knell of independent bookstores, well, I don’t think so. I love books as objects in their own right and will continue to buy lots of books. However, an eReader would be handy for text books, which weigh a ton and are expensive, and for travelling. Also, there are many out of print classics, available as PDFs, that I would like to read. iPods didn’t kill CD sales, and I don’t think eBooks will kill the paper book trade. I think there’s room for both. Also, eBooks are more environmentally friendly, so there is that to consider. Just my 2 cents worth on the debate. 🙂 Would appreciate a comment on your experience with the eReader so far, and if glare and contrast have been problems at all. Thanks, in advance.

  8. Congratulations – I have a love/hate relationship with mine: I still love the paper feel of the book and being able to go back and forth so easily whenever I want to, on the other hand it’s great to be able to take two or three (or more) books with you when travelling. BUT, as in the previous comment: I hate the glare, especially when trying to read with a bedside lamp in a hotel room. I often have to set the font on EL, leaving the screen only just big enough for a couple of paragraphs. On trains and in deckchairs, the glare is not such a problem. So love/hate, absolutely!

  9. I don’t think there is inherently anything wrong with e-readers. I’ve read stats that suggest people who use them actually purchase more books which cannot be a bad thing.

    I wonder how you settled on the Sony? I’ve heard so many pros and cons about them and now with the iPad am wondering what others have considered in their decision-making.

    Glad you’re enjoying yours!

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