The Sunday Salon – Reader-Ish

You may recall my waxing rhapsodic about the Sony E-Reader a while back.  What you didn’t read, and will not now ever read, is anything pertaining to affection for their E-Library software.  

Here’s why:

I hadn’t used my E-reader in a while, for I’ve been loaded up with real books – mostly ARC’s and library, but a few which I purchased for myself with the remains of a bookstore gift card I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday.  Last night, I decided to treat myself to a new download or two.  So I logged onto my Reader Library, and purchased Anna Quindlen’s latest novel.

First off, the download failed.  Those concentric circles stopped spinning, but the book never appeared in my electronic library. 

Then a pop-up window advises me to download the latest upgrade to the Reader software, version 3.2, I believe it is.

Okay, I think, maybe that will fix this problem.

 I successfully download this new version, retart my computer as it advised, and click on the icon.


Just one revolution of the  little blue Vista circles that usually mean “just a second, we’ll be right with you.” 

But not this time.

I kept clicking, and right clicking – the program simply wouldn’t open.  Re-booted again.  Nothing.

Well, dandy, I thought.  What good is an e-reader if I can’t get to my books?

I’ll spare you details of the frantic googling and hair pulling which ensued.  In summary, I performed every possible fix advised by Sony and by several message Google message boards (where lo and behold it seems a lot of other people have had the same difficulty – the software just stops working for no apparent reason.) 

This afternoon, I downloaded the E-reader software onto my husband’s Toshiba laptop, where it appears to be working fine.  The problem is that if/when I sync from his computer to mine, it will erase all the books I had previously transferred from the application on my Sony laptop.  Since there are a couple of books I haven’t yet read, I’d like to read them first – before they disappear into cyberspace forever.

Which is where the Anna Quindlen novel I bought last night initiating this entire fiasco is currently floating around too, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I’m so happy to have a nice solid stack of real paper and ink books piled up in the corner.


12 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – Reader-Ish

  1. The problem with digital. This is why people still print their emails and still like to have an actual physical paper delivered. As soon as the power dies or there is a tiny glitch you lose far too much.
    Still, I like digital with most things and the few fails tend to be few and far between as long as I back up regularly.

    Wishing you luck getting your books back.

  2. There have been times when I’ve regretted the fact that the Sony doesn’t sync with Macs at all but then I will hear yet another story like this and I think again and decide it is probably a good thing that I can’t be tempted. Of course, now there’s the I-Pad to consider. I still think I’ll wait.

  3. This dinosaur has looked at e-readers with narrowed eyes since the time that Amazon erased a book from the Kindles of all who had purchased it. That just didn’t agree with me.

  4. Good old fashioned books are always the best. I do love my Kindle though and have never had any problems downloading books. I think Jeff Bezos is more than happy to take my money so he’s sure that the whispernet wireless connection is always up and running!

  5. Oh I empathize! Computer problems are so frustrating and I guess e-readers are no exception. I also looked at kindle differently ever since a book was erased off people’s kindles.

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