The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

I adore it when a book I’m not totally sure I’ll like turns out to be a book I absolutely love.  It doesn’t happen often, but it happened with Tiffany Baker’s The Little Giant of Aberdeen County.

Perhaps it’s because I’m always drawn to the underdog, and  Truly Plaice, the novel’s heroine, is definitely beleaguered and plagued at every turn.  It isn’t just her horrific size – she’s truly a giant (pun intended) – but also the fact that her life takes a tragic turn at almost every corner.  Shunned by the townspeople because of her size, she loses both her parents at an early age,  is separated from her sister (the petite and dainty Serena Jane) and shipped off to grow up on an outlying dirt farm.

Yet Truly never wallows in her destiny.  With steadfast persistence, she plods onward into a future that takes some suprising twists and turns, and ultimately brings her the contentment, even the true happiness she deserves.

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County is filled with characters and situations of mythic proportions, with a magical quality reminiscent of Alice Hoffman.  At its heart, it’s about family and the ties that bind us to people, be they blood or not.  And it’s about taking what life gives you and making it work.

Tiffany Baker’s first novel is epic, entertaining, and truly marvelous.  It was a wonderful way to kick off a summer of reading.


10 thoughts on “The Little Giant of Aberdeen County

  1. I’ve heard such good things about this, especially from my friend Lesley (at I’ll have to pick it up because it’s been ages since I read anything I liked, let alone loved. My mother even asked me tonight what happened, since the books I’ve been giving her were not my usual reads, which comes from accepting too many reviews, I suppose. I refrained from telling her she could always go to the library and make some of her own choices, but I guess I have to share that snide comment with you.

    Anyway, love the look of your blog! Isn’t twenty ten an awesome theme? It looks especially nice with your reading girl header, as the black blends right in. Beautiful job!!

    • I know what you mean about having a spate of “so-so” books. I went through a similar period with review books in March and April. “Little Giant” was a review book too, and I was quite pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the story and the writing. I admit, I was drawn to it largely because of the cover 😉

      I like this template too. WordPress has quite a few new offerings – it’s about time!

      • I know we both liked Mystic Look (I think that was the name), and I really liked Twenty Ten myself, too, but the dark bar for the menu was too distracting for my particular picture. Who knows, I may go back to it; I’ve been changing themes like I change my clothes: every day. 😉

  2. Novels with that little touch of magic always seem to win me over, like Sarah Addison Allen’s books (love!). I have a novel by Alice Hoffman in my bookcase and it sounds like I’ll have to add The Little Giant of Aberdeen County to my reading list, too!

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