Although I don’t have a great track record with completing reading challenges, I still find them alluring.  Perhaps it’s the perpetual student in me, craving “assigned reading.”  Or the idea of participating in a group effort.  Of course, the need to purchase new books for the challenge is extremely tempting, since I’m always looking for good reasons to go book shopping.

Japanes Literature Challenge 4

At any rate, I’ve decided to give this challenge a go, largely because I feel quite sympatico with its host (the delightful Dolce Bellezza) and usually find our reading tastes to be very complimentary.  She and the other challenge participants are fascinated with Japanese literature so I’m eager to see what all the fuss is about.

And also because I’m intriqued with the idea of studying a “national” literature.  I’ve chosen to read three selections – a volume of literary short stories, a mystery, and one that would likely be considered “women’s fiction.”   These are some of my favorite types of  western fiction, so I’m interested to do a compare/contrast type of analysis and see how these genres differ in the Japanese literary culture.

My Amazon order went off last night, so I’ll be watching the mailbox for my three new books.

Until then…sayonara.


6 thoughts on “Challenging

  1. I have a horrible record of finishing challenges so I opt not to participate in them anymore. But I love reading about them and all of the books that get read as a result. Good luck with your challenge.

  2. Becca, you are a joy to my heart. “Sympatico” is the perfect term to describe how I feel about us, too.

    I’ve not read much Japanese literature, but I’ve read All She Was Worth which was a good mystery as well as ‘treatise’ on spending in Tokyo, and I own Nocturnes which I’m dying to read. The third one you’ve posted on looks delicious. That’s one of the things I so love about a challenge: finding new books from those with similar tastes.

    I’m really glad you’ve signed on. I’m looking forward to your thoughts, as usual. I’m off to add you to the list of participants on the review site.

  3. I’m looking forward to your reports on these books and adding some to my list. I don’t like to join book challenges because I can never tame my reading. It goes where it goes and when it goes.

  4. After you read these three, I’d be interested in hearing how an old warhorse like Shogun is accurate/inaccurate about cultural matters. I guess there’s a big time difference, though!

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