The Sunday Salon-Stacking Up

The UPS man has been a frequent visitor at my door this week, much to the chagrin (or delight, I’m not sure which) of my two little watchdogs, who find Brown to be a most infuriating color, at least when it means a rumbling truck parked in front of their house.

I was delighted to see him, barking dogs notwithstanding, since he brought all manner of nice things.

Five new books arrived this week, as you can see pictured in the stack on my sideboard.  Two of the aforementioned books for the Japanese Literature Challenge, along with Commuters, for TLC Book Tours next month; Life Without Summer, which arrived courtesy of St. Martin’s Press; and Let the Great World Spin, a gift from me to me.  Add to that some Library Loot ~ namely Black Mountain Breakdown, Lee Smith’s first novel; So Much for That, Lionel Shriver’s latest; and When We Were Orphans, by Kazuo Ishiguro, which I’m quite close to finishing (also for the Japanese Literature Challenge).


It’s stacking up to be a reading kind of month.   I’d better get cracking.

Now tell me, how’s the reading stacking up at your place this summer??

*Oh, in the background you’ll see a bottle of Red Rock Merlot, a case of which also arrived this week.  If you like a rich, complex merlot with flavors of berry and chocolate and a smooth aftertaste, this one’s for you.


15 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon-Stacking Up

  1. A good book and a bottle of wine – that’s my kind of reading! Although I tend to stick to white wine now after the combination of a clumsy cat and a glass of Montepulciano led to an awkward conversation at the library.

  2. Well, you’ve just given me a whole bunch of titles (which I’d not heard of) to investigate. I was feeling very loose-endish at the library the other day. I didn’t have much I was excited about at home and I wasn’t finding anything there. VERY frustrating! But I picked up some book (it’s upstairs and I have absolutely no idea what it’s called) and started it last night. Only read about 4 pages but so far it’s promising. It’s a mystery/thriller. And I went through some other lists and put a bunch of things on hold at the library, from home, so hopefully some good stuff will come in soon.

    In the meantime — how about an ebook, so your dogs won’t have to be afraid of “brown?” Recently finished “The Instant” by Merih Turkdogan, about the last second in the life of an Austrian accountant. What happens in that last second, is there really a rainbow and millions of color nuances? Who do you see — William Shakespeare? Really? Then he’s confronted with “what if” questions he never bothered to ask during his lifetime. Very interesting concept and book, with a rich range of characters. And my takeaway — great enlightenment is the sum of smaller illuminations.

    happy Monday everyone. Here’s hoping my book upstairs actually holds my attention! Try this one for one that will.

  3. Just when I think I’ve got my summer reading sorted out the library send me an e-mail to say there is another book waiting for me to collect. I suppose I should be glad but I know they’re not all going to get read.

  4. I have Let the Great World Spin, which I plan to read when I’m nowhere near NY. I like the sound of the new Lionel Shriver, and on the strength of ‘Never Let Me Go’ which I read recently, I’m definitely interested in more Ishiguro.
    The wine sounds great!

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