The Reading Woman: The Hammock

The Hammock, James Jacques Tissot (French, 1836-1902)


This portrait could almost be me yesterday afternoon ~ if you replace the hammock with one of those new-fangled anti-gravity chairs, the long black dress with capri’s and a tank top, the border collie with a brown and white shih tzu, and the newspaper with my Sony e-reader.   The 21st century version of James Jaques Tissot’s 1879 oil painting. <smiles>

What could be more relaxing on a summer afternoon than lying under a shady tree with one’s faithful canine companion for company and the printed word for entertainment?  I can think of few things I enjoy more.  A simple pleasure, surely, but one rare enough in this modern world that to partake of it is a treat.

What simple pleasures are you enjoying this summer?


14 thoughts on “The Reading Woman: The Hammock

  1. Oh, I love hammocks—or at least the idea of them, since I can never get comfortable in one!—but I recall one in my grandmother’s yard when I was a kid. So I always think of summer and lazy reading days when I see one.

    Nowadays, I sit on my patio, with my feet up on one of the chairs.

  2. How wonderful, Becca. I’ve never heard of an anti-gravity chair. It sounds like the “hover craft” I saw at our local middle school, made with a leaf blower and a chair. I watched my kids in the wading pool yesterday while sitting in the shade of a tree, dipping in and out of National Geographic. That was my simple pleasure.

  3. Oohhh, I love this! I favor a pedicure chair and a good book — now if I could transport the chair with the fabulous mani/pedi “doctor of all things pretty nails” spa person back to my house so I could sit with my dog and cat as I read, then I could very well be in absolute pure heaven…!

  4. Dear B, I have to agree full heartedly on the awesome pleasure of a book and an afternoon wide open to reading, also with a faithful canine in attendance! I had some time for that today and was so amazed by it, I could barely sit still. Rarely do I have the time to read during the day.
    Other simple pleasures? Driving in the car with the family with the windows down and all of us singing with the radio; ironing shirts (no, really!); reading a poem and really getting it, what it’s saying; walking barefoot outdoors; writing notes to friends in longhand on cool stationery; eating breakfast on the weekend – to name a few!

  5. A book, a breeze, a couple of chairs (one for the seat, the other for the feet)–bliss! I love hammocks & wish I had one, but I always fall asleep…

  6. Your simple pleasure sounds similar to mine. I’m actually looking forward to a camping trip with 7+ days spent in nature with plenty of time to sit in a comfortable chair and read a good book!

  7. This is what you will miss in living in an apartment. There is no trees and no shade. No hammock or chairs to sit on. Reading this is like reading a food recipe!

  8. A lounging chair next to a swimming pool or on a beach – definitely my favourite abode. Only to be enjoyed for two weeks a year though… However, for the rest of this summer, a chair somewhere in the garden and another chair to put my feet up on and a table with books and magazines within reach. Rarely do both weather and time cooperate though… (this is England – think clouds, wind, rain – and most weekdays are spent working). Your hammock sounds great, but not sure what to make of an anti-gravity chair?

  9. Sitting on the deck in dappled shade with a glass of wine has been our favorite pastime lately.

    Oh, what is an anti-gravity chair? I must look it up immediately.

  10. Somehow, I can’t quite get there. (Frances! Tell me your secret!) I get up early to have coffee and prayers with my husband, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my parents as my father hasn’t been well, and when I sit down to read? I can’t really concentrate. But, I’ll picture this painting, and the revision with you in it, and at least I’ll be content that someone’s enjoying my favorite pasttime! 😉

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