Stacked Up

My book-plate is embarrasingly full this summer, and, as usual, I can only wish there was more time to sit back and savor every delicious morsel.

The postman has been good to me of late, delivering all these tasty treats:

I’m looking forward to Labor Day, by Joyce Maynard, whose column in Mademoiselle magazine I once read religiously.  I’ll be reviewing that one for TLC Book tours later next month.

Plus, my trips to the library have been quite successful, leading to yet another bookstack:

I’m particularly excited about Unfinished Desires, Gail Godwin’s latest novel.  Godwin’s been a mainstay author for me, and I’ve been reading her books my entire life.  It’s been quite some time since she’s written a novel, so I’ve been rather hoarding this one (although it’s a library book, so I can’t hang on to it much longer!)

I’ve just finished Commuters, a very thoughtful and well written first novel by Emily Gray Tedrowe.  I loved it from the first sentence :  “It was a small town June wedding, and the bride was seventy-eight.” My complete review for TLC Book Tours will post this Wednesday.

Now tell me, what’s stacked up at your house??


9 thoughts on “Stacked Up

  1. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Unfinished Desires. I had that one checked out from the library recently and had to return it unread! I was pretty bummed about it but will check it out again and read it, I’m sure!

  2. I have a huge tbr pile too (that won’t surprise you to know!), but I’m already tempted to add to it by this post… I’ve never read Gail Godwin, for a start. Oh and I do have Remarkable Creatures on the summer reading list – doesn’t it look good? I’ll be reading along with you there!

  3. My TBR pile has become a regular theme in my posts…It dwindles a bit, but then I add to it!

    I trick myself, though, by keeping the new books in my office, stacked about, instead of on the original piles! Is that denial??? lol

    I love anything by Joyce Maynard and Gail Godwin. Maynard has a new one coming out soon called The Good Daughters.

    I also read Unfinished Desires by Godwin. Parts of it were difficult to plow through (horrible expression!), but it was worth it.

    Hope you enjoy your books.

    I have a post of updates over at my Sunday Salon:

  4. Wait! Wait! THE JOURNAL KEEPER? What’s that book? oh boy, if one judged by a title (and sometimes I do!), this one intrigues. You must keep us posted on this one.

    In my stack? mmm…which stack? I was in a used book store yesterday and found a Laurie Colwin novel I haven’t read. Her books are smart, funny and perceptive. Egads, I don’t remember the title – it’s upstairs. Also in the “summer reading” stack – GONE WITH THE WIND, yup, gonna do it even though it’s nearly end of July already, and also THE WRITING COACH because I realize, yeah, I could use a little coaching on my writing lately. I stammer on paper more than I write and not sure why. I am so sure this little writing coach book will help untangle. I’ve just finished two nice little books which I’ll post about. In the meantime, I seem to be spending a lot of time outdoors, swimming and hanging about, and some cafe-ing. I can’t help it. Not terribly constructive, but summer always calls me outside.
    More later!

    • I love Laurie Colwin’s books. My favorite is Family Happiness…I’ve read it at least three times.

      The Journal Keeper is a memoir by Phyllis Theroux. It’s actually annotated excerpts from her personal journals over the last 10 years. Very good so far.

  5. I covet your library stack, so to speak. Will have to see if any are available here and how long the list is (especially for Gail Godwin!). Happy reading!

  6. The Tracy Chevalier is a very good enjoyable read and fascinating too so I’m sure that you will enjoy that.
    The titles by Pam Jenoff and Gail Godwin really interest me: I assume the Jenoff is a new one as I have read her first three and always get caught up in them to the detriment of everything else!
    I read everything that I could get my hands on by Gail Godwin back in the 1980’s and then she seemed to disappear although I suppose it might have been that she just wasn’t published on this side of the Atlantic. I was going to say that I would scour Amazon for any books of hers that I might have missed, but since I have imposed a book buying ban on myself, I’ll probably have to try the library instead!
    Happy reading!

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