Oldies But Goodies

It seems almost criminal to raid my old bookstacks when I’ve got quite a number of brand new books on the TBR pile.  But sometimes I get a craving for an old book friend, one I read a long, long time ago and loved so much.

Nevertheless, that’s what I’ve done this weekend.  I went in search of this one:

And while I was combing through my shelves, find these two:

Now all I need is some Moody Blues or Christopher Cross on the hi-fi, and my return to the 80’s will be complete.






Now tell me, do you ever hunger for an oldie but goodie from your bookstack?


8 thoughts on “Oldies But Goodies

  1. I love books. Old, new, doesn’t matter. But yeah, occasionally I succumb to the whim of picking up something I’ve had on the shelf and reading a few favorite passages.

  2. Oh, I do! I recognize the Mary Gordon and Anne Tyler books…I don’t have that Gail Godwin. I’m thinking that I must have read it at some point, but now it’s going to bug me until I check! lol

  3. I must read Mary Gordon, too! I often have a hankering for Agatha Christie and Patricia Wentworth, both of whom return me to my teenage years and the wonderful experience of peace of mind meshed with thrilling reading that was the school summer holidays. Ahhh, those were the days, and how I loved those books!

  4. I remember (and have) the Anne Tyler and Mary Gordon but I wonder if the Gail Godwin was published in the UK under a different name because I read everything of hers that was published here in the 80’s and don’t remember the title?
    As for Christopher Cross – he still makes regular appearances on both vinyl and CD when the other half and I try to prove to the teenagers that an awful lot of the current dance tracks owe a great deal to 70’s and 80’s music!

  5. I absolutely hunger for an old friend. I reread Madeleine L’Engle at least once a year, and I’d love to pick up Rebecca, Possession, and The Robber Bride again. Also, I reread the Bible every year, need that for my peace!

    You’ve reminded me of how much I loved Anne Tyler, especially her early stuff. I read everything she wrote in the 90’s, and while her latest works don’t move as the earlier ones did, I do love her writing.

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