Labor Day Giveaway

The title of this post is a double entendre ~ of course, it’s Labor Day here in the States, but I’m also offering a giveaway of a copy of Joyce Maynard’s novel entitled Labor Day.  This is a moving, emotional coming of age tale about a young man, his relationship with his mother, and a mysterious stranger who comes into their lives one Labor Day weekend and changes everything.  ( My complete review is here.)

To enter, just leave a comment here telling me what you’re doing on this Labor Day holiday.  (*offer limited to United States and Canadian readers please)

I’m taking a little Sea Escape (well, actually a lake escape).  Some dear friends of ours have a lovely old home on Lake Huron, and they’ve graciously invited us to spend the weekend with them.  It’s a little chilly here in Michigan this weekend – very fall-ish weather, indeed.  So I’ll be packing a hoodie along with a copy of Leaving Before It’s Over (which I hope to finish) and Barefoot, which I just won in a giveaway sponsored by Natalie (Coffee and a Book Chick).

And in honor of my personal “Sea Escape”, I’m also giving away a hardcover copy of Lynne Griffin’s novel by the same name, which I reviewed here.  Same rules apply:  just comment and tell me what you’re up to this long weekend.

As we officially say goodbye to summer, I extend my best wishes for a happy autumn to all my dear, bookish friends.

And, as always, happy reading.


9 thoughts on “Labor Day Giveaway

  1. Oh, my — these books both look fantastic! What am I doing this weekend… actually, my husband and I are quite lazy! We’re thinking about heading to St. Augustine, Florida and spending the day there, but I think we’re not interested in the crowds this year. So, quite honestly, Labor Day weekend is going to be spent reading! (No surprise, huh?!) 🙂

  2. I’d be delighted to win either one. I’m staying home this weekend: Having dinner with friends tomorrow night, but otherwise relaxing, reading, blogging, and will probably do some actual labor on Monday afternoon since it’s a short week and I have deadlines.


    jhsmail at comcast dot net

  3. Hi Becca. Discovered your blog recently (and don’t remember the circuitous net-surfing route by which it was discovered) and have much enjoyed your posts. The only Maynard book I’ve read is the non-fiction tome about her 10 months with Salinger at age 18. Would love to read her fiction now. I’ll be feeding and watering a friend’s cat on Sunday and Monday, mowing the lawn and continuing to plow through “Team of Rivals.” Enjoy your lake escape and your readings!

  4. Great give-a-way! I am alone on the holiday and taking an extra day off work the day after. Two whole days alone to read and write! Enjoy your holiday!

  5. Both books sound right up my alley. Would love to read them one way or the other. This Labor Day weekend, we sadly attended the funeral of my husbands father. So…..we are laying low and trying to regroup for the coming week ahead.

  6. I’d love to enter for Maynard’s Labor Day. Ours is very quiet this year; my aunts (both in their 80s and quite often more sprightly than I) came in from out of town to celebrate their cousin’s 90th birthday! That was great fun to see the family, but what we’re especially celebrating is that my brother’s lung, which collapsed last Thursday, has now been mended by a specialist. It does not contain cancer, just a cyst, and I’m so grateful to God. Due to all the above hectic-ness, today I’m just ‘laying about’ hoping to finish Dickens’ Bleak House. I’ll be thinking of you by the lake, could there be a nicer way to spend the weekend? I think not.

  7. The books look lovely! I am spending the holiday with some friends and family, having a potluck and BBQ. Happy Labor Day! Thanks for the chance to win!

    heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

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