In Mid Air

The skies have been rather rough for the ravenous reader this week.  My home was burglarized on Monday, and my computer, back up drive, and digital camera were stolen.

I’m in mourning for the photos, the writing, the digital history that’s lost now forever.

So I’ve wallowed in misery for a few days but now am forging ahead on a brand new MacBook pro, literally starting from scratch with everything.

What have I been reading through these turbulent times? Love In Mid Air, an absolutely delightful, smart, sexy novel by Kim Wright Wiley.  From page one, I was sucked into this story about a woman on the brink of making a major life change and the love that just might be the deciding factor in whether she leaps or not.

I’ll have more to tell you in a few days.

I hope the skies you’re flying are friendly 🙂


13 thoughts on “In Mid Air

  1. Holy cow, I am sooooo sorry to hear this. How strange someone would steal the backup drive, too….is that just plain mean, or what? Karma will get them….truly it will. Although you’ll probably never get the satisfaction of hearing about it. As you say, soldier on. But it still sucks. 😦

  2. Oh Becca! I am so very sorry to hear this – how horrid for you. And what could they possibly want with your back-up? You know, often these things are recovered by the police when they get discarded later. I’ll cross my fingers for a miracle. And I’m sending hugs.

  3. So sorry to hear of your losses, Becca. I’s truly the losses of those moments captured on film and paper that mean so much more than the material loss. But in fact, those moments are more visceral and will be with you forever. Good for you for getting back on the saddle! And a new MacBook always helps…

  4. Deepest sympathies for the pain and anguish of your losses, Becca. When my harddrive crashed without a backup, I wailed, moaned, gnashed and pulled, but consoled myself that ultimately all things are just ‘on loan’ anyway. In the weeks after, I found myself remembering and even dreaming of some photographs and special email postings that I’d not consciously remembered before the loss. That proved to me that ‘all was not lost.’

    In the midst of this trough or ‘slough of despond’, thank you for posting about a new book; can’t wait to hear more. You’re a jewel!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear this. It is a violation to have someone in your home without invitation, going through your things. It happened to me many years ago, and it took a long time to get over. I wish you healing, restored peace and tranquility in your home . . . and strongly recommend investing in a high-end, monitored alarm system. I will never again live without one. It is well worth the $.

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your misfortune! I would be devastated at such a loss (as I’m sure you are)! I know we hardly really know each other, but if there is anything I can do to help you, please let me know! In the meantime, happy reading and good luck adjusting to a new computer. My sister recently acquired a new MacBook Pro and she loves hers. I hope you enjoy yours as well.

  7. Thanks, all for your support and sympathy. Moving on and working through it…that’s all we can do! I’ve definitely learned some lessons, and will be looking for better ways to protect and store files and photos – when I finally have some to save!

  8. I know just how you feel, having had the bad luck to have been robbed twice. It stinks. In the end even though it is a pain in the rear, I have to remember that they are only material things and we are all okay.

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